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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Monarch Beach by Anita Hughes

My grandparents on their wedding day!
I find it a tad amusing that I happen to write this blog on the Wedding Anniversary of both my parents (33 years) and my grandparents (married 57 years today!!) Love you all!! xxoo (Oh and yes, they were married the same day X amount of years do the math, I am tired)  When I sat down to write this book review, I was stuck.I didn't know how to approach the topic. I than saw the date and was inspired! 
My parents on their wedding day with my grandparents!

With the divorce rates as high as they are in this day and age, a long marriage is a commendable feat worthy of celebration! (Dad just updated his Facebook status to say he and Mom are dining together at Pickle Barrel) I find it sad when I hear stories of people growing apart or things not working out for the best.

 My husband and I have been together for 10 years this year, married 5 years this October. (He’s my longest boyfriend EVER!!) We are both lucky enough to have parents that are ‘in it for the long haul’ as examples to look up to. My hubby and I joke that there is no one else alive willing to put up with either one of us, so we have no choice but to make it work. :) (muuuuuhahahahaha)                

On our wedding day!
If I could give any sort of  relationship/marriage advice (I'm qualified, my credentials are several ex boyfriends, flings, broken hearts, and 10 years in a solid relationship) to someone starting new at it (or for someone who needs a swift kick in the ass) than these would be the points I'd make!
* Understand there are going to be problems that arise. It's a roller coaster! Deal with it.
*Romance is fine and dandy, but real love is more than attraction, hearts and mushy crap. It's about respecting your partner, accepting the for who they are (faults and all) and trusting one another.
*Marriage isn't always going be easy, challenges will inevitably come your way. At the end of the day if you are going through a rough patch, and can look at the person across from you and say 'I love you enough to try' (no matter how mad and upset you are) and they reciprocate.....THAT'S love.

One of my favorite songs about love is by a R&B group SWV. The song is called "Love Is So Amazing". They open the song following lyrics:

"What is love, love is an experience everyone should have. It's not always fun, but it's always special. A sweet struggle that seals the past and builds a future, a love that can weather the storm, is an amazing love"

All that said, Love is patient and kind, until you find your husband making it with his sous chef like the character in my next recommended novel!

Enough with the mushy talk... let's chat about Monarch Beach by Anita Hughes. A novel that is all about a woman and her summer journey after her marriage unravels. It's clear that these characters did not have the recipe for success. They had a recipe for a delicious fondue maybe, but not for a loving marriage.

Amanda grew up wealthy with parents who adored each other. Due to circumstances, her life takes some unexpected turns. One 'turn' is meeting and falling in love with a gorgeous Frenchman named Andre. A sexy chef who sweeps her off her feet. She puts her career plans aside, marries and becomes a stay at home mom.
Amanda goes to visit her husband at his restaurant, only to find him sexing up his sous chef Ursala. She takes off  embarks on a summer of soul searching, all while living in luxury at the St. Regis Laguna Beach with her son and her mother. She meets a man who understands her situation and the healing can begin....

The story is told in a way that made me feel part of the story and I was empathetic.
I felt her rage (so help me GOD if I was in her shoes)
I felt her pain (Shot of tequila barkeep....and keep 'em comin'!)
I felt her frustration (Listen Andre the A-Hole.... get it through your thick skull.....)
I felt her mothers love (Protect and do what's best for your child is always priority numero uno!!)
I felt her fear (Where would I go? What would I do?)

I needed a stiff drink with this book, but all in all it was brilliant!! I smell a good plot for a movie or tv show... (just sayin'!) My only complaint was it wasn't long enough. I can't find any info, but one hopes there is a sequel eventually.
Anita Hughes in an author you need to check out! I highly recommend Monarch Beach. Five out of Five Monarch Butterflies!

Her website

It was a story with twists, and it ends in a way I didn't see coming! Neither will you! ;)

Happy Reading!


  1. I really enjoyed your blog. I think that's the key you know. Both my husband and my parents were in it for the long haul too. Everyone has fights and nothing's perfect, it's how you work your way through it all that counts.

    Excellent book review! I might have to give it a go. I love your back cover thing :)

  2. :) I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed my review! Thanks for stopping by and giving it a read!
    I am happy to hear you like my back picture. I will have to pass that on to my hubby. It took me forever to get 'just the right' photo. Drove him nuts! lol

  3. Wonderfully written review---I mean the book sounds great, but it's extra special when a reader goes the extra distance to say why she "got" it! That way, we can all relate. Nice blog btw...tarra

    1. Thank you so much! I try to bring my unique style and flare to my reviews. They are so much fun to write! I hope you will be back to read more of them in the future. I truly appreciate your feedback! :)