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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Marie Antoinette: Serial Killer ~ Katie Alender

You can bet your sweet ass if I see a book that jumps out as much as this cover.....I'm gonna buy it.

I was at my daughters school the other day for Parent Teacher Interviews, after glowing reports on how great of a student, peer tutor and overall kid my daughter is.... I only think it is fair to reward such wonderful behavior and hard work with a book.....or we headed to the Book Fair.

At the 'Young Adult' Table, this book literally screamed "Read Me, Read Me!!" I won't deny, it was the cover that caught me first, than the book description:

"Heads will roll!
Paris, France: a city of fashion, chocolate croissants, and cute boys. Colette Iselin is thrilled be there for the first time, on her spring break class trip.
But a series of gruesome murders are taking place around the city, putting everyone on edge. And as she tours the sights, Colette keeps seeing a strange vision: a pale woman in a ball gown and powdered wig, who looks like Marie Antoinette.
Colette knows her status-obsessed friends won't believe her, so she seeks out the help of a charming French boy. Together, they discover that the murder victims are all descendants of people who ultimately brought about Marie Antoinette's beheading. And Colette may just be one of those descendants . . ."
(Book description via

I had to have it! It sounded like a story not only I would enjoy, but even my daughter who also loves a good ghost story. (A chip off the ol' block!)
My Take:

"Marie Antoinette: Serial Killer" by Katie Alender
I love the shock value that was put into drawing attention to the novel! (I'm trying to remember the last time a book cover made me look twice....)
To those who aren't familiar with history and can't get over the 'serial killer' in the title..a little lesson....She was not a serial killer (lavish spender, bad ruler, allegedly tells people to eat cake ....perhaps.....) so get past that, read the actual book description and see why the book is called that before you judge it.
(mmmm, did someone say cake???)

Besides a great little fictional spook story with some history, a little French culture..... the book has an in your face story about Friendship....and it sends a great message to the audience about the choices we make.
You learn from Colette's experience. It teaches a valuable lesson about why the popular or the mean girls are not necessarily worthy of the 'IT' crowd title...Why you should treat everyone with respect...Why you should never be ashamed of your circumstance or where you come from.... Why you should never be a sheep and follow blindly along with the crowd and their asinine 'rules'...(You get the drift!)

That is ALWAYS an important message to send.

So, did I enjoy the story?

Yes, for a young adult, fast read I actually liked it. It was amusing, a bit suspenseful at times...the end had a light twist. I wont say that is was entirely predictable, the twist wasn't what I that's good. I always enjoy it when an author puts her own spin on history. 
For adults, it does feel 'young' (duh) but if you have children who would read it, than I don't see why you wouldn't pick it up and give it a go if you like a spooky story. I'll read it again.

When my daughter arrived home from her sleep over this morning, I told her that I had finished the book and cleared it as appropriate reading for her. She is now a few chapters in and tells me 'Wow mom, this book is pretty good so far!'

Given the underlying theme of the book, I plan on using it as a tool to discuss with her social situations, bullies, status etc....once she has completed the novel. (Yes, I am THAT mom!)
I always look for extra ways to teach, encourage and discuss things with my kids!

And the fact that she gets a tiny history lesson and an imaginative ghost story.....well let's just call that an added bonus!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Beautiful Bombshell ~ Christina Lauren

I know what you are thinking...... "Beautiful Bombshell"..... Christina and Lauren wrote a book inspired by me.
No.... no they did not!
If they did it  however, it would most likely be titled "Delusional Egomaniac" but that is neither here nor there..... ;)

Beautiful Bombshell is the second novella by Christina Lauren in the Beautiful Bastard series. Sexy and amusing, it tells the tale of how Bennett and Max can't seem to keep their thoughts off their ladies, so you can imagine what happens when Chloe and Sara end up crashing the Bachelor Party Weekend! 
Leaving Henry baffled, and Will more than a little irritated, Bennett and Max are constantly finding excuses to sneak away for some fantastical fuckery. The lengths these guys will go through to be with their women is hysterical.
(What happens in nothing compared to what these naughty boys are up to.....)

I can't seem to get enough of the novels in this series. The sarcastic and fun nature of the characters..... The imagination and creativity that goes into the storyline (hehehe...oh the sexcapades.....) makes these novels stand out from the pack. Naturally, the minute any of them release they end up in my possession and find and I always seem to find any excuse to immediately read it.
(**cough** **cough** Yeah.... I can't work today.... I've got a case of the Bennett Ryans.......)
It took me less than an hour to devour Beautiful Bombshell and my biggest (and only) complaint was the abrupt ending. It took me by surprise how quickly it ended. One more chapter would have been lovely.......!
These novella's are like literary crack.... just enough to satisfy you until the next full length novel is released and always leaving you wanting more!

At the end of the novella, I was excited to find an excerpt from Beautiful Player, which is Will's lusty love story. I am waiting on pins and needles for that release! Given the snarky nature of Bennett and Chloe's relationship and the voyeuristic tendencies of Sara and gleefully looks forward to seeing what Will is going to get up too!

If you haven't read anything by Christina Lauren yet, than for the love of all that is sexy and sinful would you get on it already!!!!

Here are the links to my previous blog reviews on books by Christina Lauren:

Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Bitch

Now go be a good lil minx and buy yourself a copy of Beautiful Bombshell!
You deserve it!

Happy Reading.

Visit Christina Lauren's Website for more information!

The Official Book Description:

In this new novella, the gentlemen from Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player are out for a wild night on The Strip.
When Max, Henry, and Will steal Bennett away for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, the first stop of the night doesn’t go at all as planned. With their scheme for a Guys Weekend completely derailed anyway, Max and Bennett begin to play a wild game of stealth and secrecy in order to have their bombshells all over Sin City.

Tempting Fate ~ Amber Lin

I'm blushing.

No really. BLUSHING.

I'm pretty sure my Kobo has steam rising from it, and not because the battery is overheated. 

My sexy little minx readers dying for an adult novel, listen up!
(This is not a novel for prudish types!)

I'm a bit behind on getting this review to you! My apologies. I can sit here, grovel and ask for forgiveness about my lack of posts as of late, but NO! Let's get on with this review so you can run out and grab a copy for yourselves. (No, not you mom, I don't think you can handle this one......)

Book Description from

Rose Murphy is ready to break free from her brother's control. She's ready to open her own ballet studio. And most of all, she's ready to live without fear. So when she sees her brother's lawyer, the man she's lusted after for years, she gives in to her body's desires.

A sexy show through her bedroom window whets both their appetites. On Drew's next visit, he returns the striptease favor. Mutual masturbation gives way to a naughty late night phone call. She's a breath away from everything she's hoped for, but not everyone wants them to be together. When the relationship comes to light, their sensual bliss may be shattered.

My Thoughts:

If you are into Erotic Romance and you haven't yet read anything by Amber Lin, than you are completely missing out. (I highly suggest you remedy your oversight and run out to purchase these novels!)

Let me tell ya...for a small novella Tempting Fate packs a very large punch!
This is my third review of Amber's novels and if you have read any of my previous blogs (and you should!) you will know how much I champion her work. This is a lady who belongs at the top of the best sellers lists! It's people like you and me who support Indie Authors who can make that happen.

As I read Tempting Fate, I almost forgot that it was a novella I was reading and not a lengthy story. I want to tell you I am heartbroken or irritated that this wasn't a full length novel, but I can't. It was perfect just the way it was. In keeping with her previous novels, the writing is fluid, descriptive and the story is sexy as sin.
(Again, a book made me blush!! ME!! Blush!!! Crazy!!)
 It's not just a book about a woman finally coming to terms with her feelings and her sexuality, it's a book with conflict and a touch of mystery. I can't believe how much was jammed into the pages of this novella, and it was seamless!! (Seamless I say!!)
The Lost Girls Series show us that romance isn't always fluff, rainbows and roses. These novels are dark, edgy and not at as predictable as you would think.
They are passionate and provocative!
Rose was introduced to us before in passing in the previous Lost Girls novels, so to finally read about her story was exciting. She's always remained a bit of a mystery and now we can finally get to know why.
 The sexual tension between her and her brothers lawyer Drew Laramie practically sets the pages on fire. I thought my Kobo would spontaneously combust.
A powerful kingpin in the underworld, Phillip is extremely overprotective of his sister, which means Drew and Rose have to keep their romance under wraps. Neither wants to know what Philip will do should he discover what's going on right under his nose....but is Phillip the only threat they face?

I would recommend reading the series in order..... but if you wanted to read Tempting Fate as a stand alone, if anything to sample the author's work, you could get away with it. I'm warning you though, once you read any of these novels, you will run out and grab the rest! I'm willing to bet on it.

I also have to give a shout out on the cover design. Each one of the Lost Girls novels have stunning covers and Tempting Fate is by far my favorite of the three. 
.Here are links to my previously blog reviews on the series:

Lost Girls One: Giving It Up
Lost Girls Two: Selling Out

You can find Tempting Fate on Amazon by following this link!

Happy Reading!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Eternal Guardians Series by Elisabeth Naughton

Eirene/Irene: Greek Goddess of Peace, one of the Horae.

Irene = My Name.

Now, I've always said I was a Goddess..... (I'm so modest....humble.....) and when I was looking for a word that described 'me' to have tattooed on the back of my neck, I thought what is more personal and meaningful than the definition of my name?!
When I told my husband I was permanently inking the word 'Peace' on my body, his response was: "Wouldn't the word 'War' be better suited to your personality?"
(Yes, he is still alive)

A few months later I have the tattoo and am working on designing a dove to add to the script. (So apparently this tattoo thing is addictive and I want more.....)

Why am I babbling about tattoos and Goddesses?

Well if you like those topics, or a good paranormal romance....(and a sexy one at that!) than you must check out the Eternal Guardians Series by Elisabeth Naughton!

It's always an amazing thing when you stumble across a series you can't get enough of!
In preparation for our vacation earlier this summer, I downloaded a ton of books from Kobo. Fourteen freebies and a few purchases. One of the FREE e-books offered was Marked by Elisabeth Naughton.

I wasn't even two chapters in when I realized I had found a new literary addiction.
It's a good thing I started this novel on our last day in Germany, because as we drove to Frankfurt, I wasn't interested in the beautiful scenery. I wasn't terrified on the Autobahn (Good grief that's an experience!!).... I was too busy reading about Argonaut Hero's, Gods, Daemons, and how it was all mixed up in our pretty lil modern day world.

I liken these novels to that of Kelley Armstrong's 'Women of the Underworld'  or Karen Marie Moning's 'Highlander' series. (Two of my all time favorite authors ever!) Elisabeth Naughton has taken Greek Mythology and cleverly mixed it up into a modern day action packed, sexy, love story. It's imaginative, clever and provocative!!You have to love an author who can take the unbelievable and weave it into our world  making things seem possible!

Every 'Eternal Guardians' novel revolves around an Argonaut hero and their soul-mate curse. (Which puts a nice spin on your regular love story....imagine, falling in love with someone who is everything you do not want in a mate with the added bonus of literally dying of a broken heart) Don't think it's just some drippy love story either, because you would be wrong. Yes, there are some seriously sexy parts, but throughout the series we also find plenty of action and adventure. The Argonauts are battling Atalanta, Hades, Persephone and all sorts of creatures and deities....all to keep balance and order in the worlds. (These books would make for some awesome television or movies)
Who doesn't love the thought hunky immortal warriors saving the world? ....six god...wait....what was I talking about?


Since every book is connected and told from several different points of view, you really need to start with the first book and follow through to the very last. Do not jump around while reading this series or you will spoil the whole plot.
This review would become very long if I separately reviewed each book of the Eternal Guardians within this blog, but you can take my word for it each one is as enjoyable as the next. I honestly can't decide which novel stands out to me as a favorite. I loved them all.

 The reading list in order:


I purchased the remaining five books and had them all read in days. (Thank God for my busted ankle keeping me down!) Luckily it was also my birthday so I just used that as an excuse to go a little crazy with the book buying! Elisabeth Naughton's entire library will eventually end up in mine largely due to how this author writes the kind of books I can never get enough of! I can not wait to read more of her work....(Gonna hold out and get through a few other books and let the bank account recover from the spending spree....)
I will continue to poke around to see if there is a book seven in the Eternal Guardians series yet to be released. (Please PLEASE let there be more!!)

You can bet your tushy that you will hear more about Elisabeth Naughton and her books from me!!

Visit for more information

Do NOT miss this series!!

Happy Reading!

Here is the book description from Marked (Book One of The Eternal Guardians Series):

THERON—Dark haired, duty bound and deceptively deadly. He’s the leader of the Argonauts, an elite group of guardians that defends the immortal realm from threats of the Underworld.
From the moment he walked into the club, Casey knew this guy was different. Men like that just didn’t exist in real life—silky shoulder-length hair, chest impossibly broad, and a predatory manner that just screamed dark and dangerous. He was looking for something. Her.
She was the one. She had the mark. Casey had to die so his kind could live, and it was Theron’s duty to bring her in. But even as a 200-year-old descendent of Hercules, he wasn’t strong enough to resist the pull in her fathomless eyes, to tear himself away from the heat of her body.
As war with the Underworld nears, someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Awakened ~ Brenda K. Davies

I have read so many book lately my head is going to explode! (Can that really happen when you're blonde?)

I don't know about any of you, but when I matter how real or far-fetched the topic may be, I always like to wonder what it would be like if I was in the shoes of the characters in the novel. How would the story go if 'I' happened to be the lead protagonist....

One of my favorite reads of late has me asking this specific question:

What would you do if you found out your lover was a vampire?

Now, I don't know about any of you, but I'm pretty confident that first I'd shit bricks than I'd run to the nearest Catholic church for a crucifix and Holy Water, hunker down on a pew for the rest of my life....

Or do this.....

Buffy ain't got nothin' on me

Another fantastic freebie find that I couldn't put down is Awakened (Book 1 of the Vampire Awakenings Series) by Brenda K Davies. A new novel (released earlier this year) that actually gets 4 Stars from me (loved the concept), and I am not exactly the biggest Vampire fan. At all.
(I am wearing a scarf and snacking on garlic as I type this...)

Book Description from

 Traumatized by her past, and struggling to move on from it, Sera has spent the past three years of college hiding herself from the world and content to stay that way. A chance encounter with Liam shatters her sheltered world, leaving her stunned and shaken by the strange feelings and emotions he arises in her, feelings she never thought she would experience and that frighten her in their intensity. Harboring a dark and deadly secret of his own, Liam knows that he should stay away from Sera; that he will only bring her more hurt, but he is irresistibly drawn to her and unable to deny himself the pleasure that only she can bring to him. But when their pasts collide with their present, and Liam’s true nature is revealed, will their love for each other be enough, or will they be torn apart forever?

My Take:

The cover kind of creeps me out (he's staring at me.....) and I was expecting some Twilight Fan fiction, but was pleasantly surprised to discover an entertaining romantic vampire-soul mate story. It wasn't gory, dark and sinister, and for that I am grateful. I'm not big on gore. It obviously had blood-drinking (eewww) but what the hell did I expect? Cherry Kool-Aid?

Serendipity (aka Sera) is the lead female character. She's a quiet collage girl who likes to keep to herself and her studies. She has good reasons as to why she stays away from parties and men. A fear she just can't shake. Kathleen, her vivacious best friend and roommate, drags Sera to a party where she meets Liam, a smoldering sexy playboy who's instantaneously attracted to Sera (and vice versa)
It doesn't take long before the two are wrapped up in each other and both their secrets are spilled. Dark, haunting secrets....
The vampires in the novel, for the most part are very humane, easy going and non-threatening. They are still very much capable of human emotions and interaction. I loved that the author played with the myth. For Example: Why some vamps can go out in sunlight, while others can't....they still consume human food and drink...little things like that.
My biggest complaint, I wish we had more back story regarding Liam. Where is his family? It always mentions his friends, but no mention of family.

The book has an 18+ mature content rating, as there is a lot of hanky-panky. Complete with blood sucking that brings a whole new meaning to the term 'blood lust'..... (I'm all for kinky, but I'll skip the A-B negative body shots thanks...) I did catch a few errors in the pages, misspelled words etc.. that should have been addressed in editing, but it happens. Small errors don't deter me from the story when I am enjoying what is going on. I will most certainly keep up with this series, not to mention read it again!

People like me, who tend to shy away from vampire novels... this is one that is fun, romantic and easily stomached. If you love romance, than why not give it a try? Step outside your comfort zone.
It isn't a scary read, so if you are looking for the boogie man, sorry, not gonna happen in this novel.
If you want a steamy vampire love story, bingo, we have a winner! Support an Indie Author!

Try to catch it on Kobo and Amazon while it's free! I will post the links for you while it is still available at the end of this blog! (also join my Facebook Page where I occasionally post the links for free books I come across)

I enjoyed Awakened so much, I immediately purchased and delved into the next novel in the Vampire Awakening Series called 'Destined'. Stay tuned for that review.

Now maybe I do like this book more simply because it's a vamp read I can really sink my teeth into, but that's okay! It may have cracked the door open enough for me that I may try another Vampire series out. (Maybe. We'll see. Don't hold your breathe....are you laughing at me and my aversion to Vampires?...Bite Me....)

Why don't you grab a copy and see what you think for yourself?

Happy Reading!

Awakened for Kindle:

Awakened for Kobo:

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Host ~ Stephanie Meyer

Well aren't I behind in the times.....

I FINALLY got around to reading 'The Host' by Stephanie Meyer....(You think that's bad... I have yet to read The Hunger Games.... true story)

I'll cut to the chase on this one because everyone and their Twilight loving granny has probably read it and seen the film. I will warn you, this review DOES have spoilers.... partly due to how it released quite awhile ago. Let's face it... if you are slow to get to it like me... well, that's your own damn fault! Ha! ;)

If you have never heard about The Host than here is the description from

Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact. Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melanie's body, didn't expect to find its former tenant refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

As Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of Jared, a human who still lives in hiding, Wanderer begins to yearn for a man she's never met. Reluctant allies, Wanderer and Melanie set off to search for the man they both love.

Featuring one of the most unusual love triangles in literature, THE HOST
is a riveting and unforgettable novel about the persistence of love and the essence of what it means to be human.

The Novel:

What did I think?

(again, WARNING the whole review is a giant spoiler)

The way the book begins with Wanda being transferred into Melanie's body... I wasn't even a few pages in before I asked myself "What the freakin' fudge am I reading?"
It was very dry and somewhat dull.
Not gonna lie, after the first chapter I was so confused and slightly irritated with what was going on. I almost stopped reading.
 I thought it was an awkward start to a book. I wish there had been a more telling prologue on why the Aliens/Souls had their hooks into Earth and how badly humanity suffered up front....rather than learn it as the story progressed. I also wish there had been more to Melanie's story than flashbacks. I wish we could have got to known her and a bit of her story before she became a host and not through all the dreams and memories. I understand though, the point of the way the story was told was to start it fresh with Wanda and learn and grow as Wanda takes on more human emotions while sharing Melanie's body. Still.....I just found it irksome.

While I completely get it is a Young Adult read, it was almost too young and 'simple' in places. The Dolphin Planet.. Flower planet... things like that... I was hoping for some better complex 'alien' names and imagination. Now, I agree, the simplistic aspects and terms do make sense to the plot, since the souls are pretty straightforward beings. It still doesn't mean I am a fan of it.

However, all that said... I am glad I kept pushing on. I did like the story, and I agreed with the general message it sends. The Souls weren't 'bad' aliens, they just didn't fully understand humanity and that by helping our planet and body snatching, they were doing harm. 

Now the 'Love Triangle' aspect was quite interesting... but I find the description 'triangle' inaccurate. It was a love square, with three different bodies. Four people.... FOUR caught up in that mess. (Awkward!!) Melanie and Jared in love, but Wanda living in Melanie's body, falling in love with Ian, even though she has some of Melanie's feelings for Jared as well. (Soap Opera material!) 
The novel became that much more interesting when that story line really revved up.

I was also a fan of the 'character' of these Alien Souls. Body Snatching aside, they aren't 'horrible' and 'evil'....they're honest and trusting to a fault. They are trying to save earth, and humans 'from themselves'. Eradicating disease, war, aggression, all for a greater good.
 As I said above, I thought it was an interesting take on a species that are hell bent on controlling human mind and bodies.

The ending of the book....I won't spoil that except to say....."satisfying and yet.....not so much"
I am interested to see what happens in the sequel. (The Seeker)

If you want to compare The Host to Twilight, I wouldn't. I am a fan of the Twilight series, which is probably why I had high hopes for The Host. If you are looking for 'scary' 'wild' adventure with aliens....well, this book really isn't it. It's pretty mellow.

While I know it's already visited theaters... (BTW..did I sleep through that? Because I don't remember seeing adverts for it...) now that I have read the book, I can now watch the movie, see how it compares. (Keep reading, I get to that)

On a scale of One to Ten... I'll only give The Host a five. I'm not overly enthusiastic about it, but I didn't 'hate' it. I'm on the fence about it. I guess we will just have to see how the series progresses with the next two books.

Comparing Book to the Movie:

I had to wait a few weeks to get to watching the film adaptation as it wasn't yet available On Demand, but I just finished watching The Host directed by Andrew Niccol.
It has me asking the question..... Is this the first time I actually prefer a movie adaptation to the book???

Both were confusing at the start, even though I knew the story I was wondering how in hell they were going to play the Melanie/Wanda sharing a body storyline and do the book justice. It wasn't 'as' cheesy or poorly done as I anticipated.

I am glad that they didn't have all that Dolphin-Flower planet crap in the movie, buuuuuut they really should have injected a bit more of Wanda's past and purpose into the story line. Wanda's importance and uniqueness to her species I found was lost in the film version. My mom (who watched The Host with me) was asking questions that I could answer because I read the novel. Parts of the film confused her, but she actually didn't mind the movie at all and told me she liked it.

Watching the romance on screen came off a lot funnier than perhaps intended. In the book the romance was deeper and better understood... but on screen I actually laughed quite hard when Ian gets Jared to kiss Wanda to try to provoke Melanie. I don't know if it was intended to be hilarious......but it was.

Uncle Jeb (played by William Hurt) is by far my favorite character. His eccentric personality really adds a fun twist on the story. For a strange man, he really has a lot of common sense. I really enjoyed seeing him come to life on screen.
Also a bonus with the film... the hot guy who played Jared....Max Irons...cute and born in the 80's making him acceptable age appropriate eye candy.

The musical score throughout the film grated on my nerves.

All in all.... do I recommend The Host?'s not for everyone.

Did I like it?

Do I prefer book to movie?

The jury is still out.

Happy Reading.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Beautiful Bitch ~ Christina Lauren


Didja miss me??
(Oh you know you did!! I missed you too!!)

I'd apologize for the lack of reviews in the last while, but I just spent the last two weeks touring Germany, so no... I'm not sorry. (Haha, kidding.....kind of....xoxo)
Don't hate me for that though, I may of had a fabu time on vacation but I busted my ankle before I left and it progressively got worse as the vacation continued (castles, hills, cobblestones..weren't helping matters) Needless to say, I have been home 48hrs and my doctor has my ankle wrapped and on crutches. Nasty sprain. (Quit laughing)

So what does a girl do when this happens?

Besides catching up on my soap (Days Of Our Lives...HOLLA!) and uploading the hundreds of photos of the trip to facebook.... naturally I take time to read a copy of a much anticipated novella.

I'm on Instagram @ReenieDiva

Beautiful Bitch is a short story narrated by both Bennett and Chloe. Taking place between novels Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger, the actual time period is exactly a year after Bennett and Chloe hook up. It's a fantastic, slutty little read full of dirty talk and sexymaness. (Is that even a word? No? It is now!)
There are flashbacks catching us up on the status of their relationship and how deep they have fallen for each other. In Beautiful Bitch the biggest problem they face is finding time together. Two workaholics that have earth shattering sex can make it work....right?
If you've read Beautiful Stranger than the ending won't surprise you. ;)

For a quick read it's pretty hawt! These ladies know how to write a book whether it's a short story or not. Beautiful Bitch smoothly bridges that time gap that we saw between Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger, and for a novella, in my opinion it is perfectly packed with enough steamy scenes and new details. Sometimes I find novella's don't necessarily scratch that itch when you want more from your favorite characters in a series. I didn't find that was the case at all with Beautiful Bitch. Consider the Chloe-Bennett itch scratched! The book is full of that spicy banter and humor that make this fictional couple one of my all time favorites! Loved it!

Fans of this series, if you haven't done so already, than you must run/walk/prancersize to pick up a copy! (Or do as I did and just download it from your friendly neighborhood internet store....prancersizing on crutches isn't me... I tried...)

Again I will say it. Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings make an amazing writing duo!
I say to them: "Keep up the good work ladies! I can't wait to read what is in store for us next!"

To you dear reader I say....

"Happy Reading"

Monday, 1 July 2013

Entwined With You ~ Sylvia Day

Oh Gideon.

It took you long enough.

(Than again, it took ME long enough to post this review...sorry about that.....shit happens..) :S

As is typical of me when a much anticipated novel hits on release day.... I wasted no time on June 6th, snagging Entwined With You from Kobo whilst eating my breakfast. (Peanut Butter and Honey on toast.... pretty sure I dropped some on my keyboard as well....sticky mess but delicious....)

As soon as I was able to find time to read, BOOM, nose in the book tuning out the world.
(My favorite past time!) 

One thing before I really get into this review....please note: I really wish I had taken the time to read the first two in the series again, just to refresh my memory a bit. After all, it had been quite a while between releases and I have read so many other books between Reflected in You and this novel. Luckily, things started clicking fast and it all came back to me.

I am going to keep this review short and sweet because let's face it: If you are reading this you already know WHAT to expect and who the players are.....(If not read my previous blogs! Links posted at the end of this review!)

So for all you EWT curiosity seekers......let me fill you in!

No time has really passed between the books. It picks up right where it left off.
Due to the events of Reflected In You, Eva and Gideon find themselves keeping their relationship a secret, which is proving to be fun.
Gideon also seems to have calmed down slightly in this novel.......surprise, surprise....he doesn't seem as overbearing.

Speaking of surprise, Sylvia Day had a few tricks up her sleeve this book. While I wont spoil it, I will say that there are events in this book that I 'didn't see coming' just yet. Whoosh, Sylvia Day slaps us with some jaw droppers. One blog reader tweeted to me that she screamed when the book ended. You can't blame her, I know the feeling!

As we all know the Crossfire Series is nothing without the spicy bits and bites! Those of you who are after the Gideon Cross assured that there is no lack of the steamy parts! Oh that devilish man still can go all night.
(I type this like I've done him or something...Weirdo)

One thing that I experienced reading it was anxiety. Serious anxiety. This couple can NOT freakin' catch a break!!! So much drama and not just in regards to them. Magumi has some stuff going on in this book that remains a mystery... Cary... oh Cary.... that loveable roommate really is quite the character... and he is asking for it!! You won't believe what happens to him... I was stunned!!
 I wish I could tell you what happens.... BUT I WONT. (Hahaha... Go read it yourself!)
This book is loaded. No disappointments! By far my favorite Crossfire novel yet!

If you are expecting THREE books in this series... I have news for you.....


If you follow Sylvia Day on Twitter, Facebook etc.... this information will not be a shock to you.

While this is VERY exciting news, I know some people who are sobbing in a corner because they wanted to read all three in one sitting.... well.... sorry guys.. now you are waiting longer!
(Oh would you just join the rest of us and read the books as they release!! Come to the dark side!! We have jello shots and chardonnay!) 

I'm truly excited that Gideon and Eva's story will continue a little longer....
Simply put, this series is amazing and entertaining! I am happy to see it go on for a while longer rather than rush the last novel. (Which I feel so many authors tend to do...and that blows)
The much anticipated Book #4 in the Crossfire Series has been titled "Captivated By You".
No release date will be shared until all is a-go, but I will get you that info via my Facebook Fan Page the moment I hear what's happening!!


Happy Reading!

My most popular review happens to be my review on Bared To You!! Click here!

Reflected In You Review

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Blackbrooke II: The Guardian ~ Emma Silver

 "Blackbrooke II is not just a fantastic read...It's an Amazingly Awesome-Colossal Mind-Fuck of  Intense Twists and Turns!! I COULD NOT, WOULD NOT, PUT.IT.DOWN!!"

(Pardon the language, it IS necessary)

 She did it again.

Emma Silver actually made me scream out loud at the end of Blackbrooke II!!
Not of fright. (Though these books are creepy!)
Not in ecstasy. (They aren't THOSE kind of books!)
IN utter disbelief and shock that she left me hanging like that....... AGAIN!!!

I'm very excited to be the first stop on Emma Silver's "Blackbrooke II The Guardian" Blog Tour!
 (Can you see me jumping up and down, wearing my Team Gabriel tank top and lil bloody axe earrings...?? Okay, so I don't have those things... but I would if I could!)

Pull up a seat, grab a glass of wine (Wine if you're of age of course! Sparkling water if you're not!) and let's begin!

If you are not familiar with the Blackbrooke Series, than I suggest visiting my previous blog on the topic before continuing with this one! I don't want to repeat myself, but here is an excerpt from that blog to introduce you to what the story is about:

 "The 411 on Blackbrooke: It's a town nestled in the woods somewhere in England. (Kinda like 'The Village' by M.Night Shyamalan, but tourists come into this place!) where mythical and deadly creatures have a 'deal' with the town. You MUST follow the rules or face certain death.
There is layer upon layer of conspiracy and mystery surrounding everything. People go missing, blamed on 'Walkouts'.... which is basically suicide by Crits... the name of the frightening creatures. These things are horribly terrifying and deadly.
The story takes place in modern times, but with dated and strange rules ( For Example: You must wear your hair up in a bun at all times) 
I couldn't live there, never mind the creatures, they don't allow hair dye. (Unacceptable!)"

                              Blackbrooke II: MY Take

 Liberty's next step of the journey is not pleasant. She gets a few (several) shocks of her life. Her character has really hardened at this point in the story, Liberty is starting to resemble a hard shell of what she was.... but who can blame her? The events unfolding are enough to make anyone do crazy things and cause paranoia. Trust is to be earned at this point, but can Liberty even trust her own gut? Her loyalty and love for Cassius consumes her and drives her. I begin to wonder if her emotions are more 'guilt' over how she had contributed to his loneliness over the years, than it is 'romantic love' and she is just too young to know the difference. We shall see.......

We learn more about why Blackbrooke is segregated from the rest of the world and why the outsiders are trying to keep it that way. While I wont spoil it for you, I will say that I am impressed with the direction that particular story line goes in and I am on pins and needles to see where it goes in Book Three!
Loyal readers will be interested to know that the book starts off with the back story about exactly WHAT happened with Liberty's best friend Gemma. It was a good way to start the novel and helped set the scene for the demented and cruel nature of what was about to unfold.
We meet some new characters in BBTG and you have no idea who is a friend and who is a foe. One new character to keep your eye on is the sadistic Carl Evans. Dude is a psychotic douche-crate. Enough said.

Emma Silver is EASILY an author I will read again and again. Her books are well written, so much so when you immerse yourself into the story, you feel the apprehension, the frustration, conflict, fright.... She knows how to set the mood for a scene whether it's comedic (Hello Denzil!) or describing the eerie general atmosphere of the town of Blackbrooke.
As much as I scream with the intense cliffhangers both her novels possess, I could honestly hug Emma for being such an incredible and imaginative author. Writing style aside (Her writing is fantastic!) at the end of the day the one thing I am after is THE STORY! Ladies and Gents...Emma Silver has the storytelling "IT" factor in spades! This book has the right twists and turns and you can't predict the events. She spins you in one direction than kicks the chair to catapult you into another. Expect the unexpected. (LOVE IT!)

A few things to note:

Read this series IN ORDER. Some series you can get away with it, not this one.

This may be considered Young Adult, but it can most certainly be enjoyed by both teens and adults. There is a quality about these particular novels that makes it stand out from other Young Adult novels.

The same goes for it being classified as horror. You do not need to be a horror aficionado to read and love Blackbrooke!! If you enjoy thriller and suspense... Try it! If you enjoy a great book! Try it! I have said this before, if you are not into horror, than READ THIS because it is just the right recipe to lure  introduce you into the genre. Stephen King eat your heart out.

I am so excited about this series!! I want more!!! 

**FIVE STARS to Blackbrooke II: The Guardian!**
Completely Crit-tastic!!! It's In-Crit-able!!!
Bring it on Blackbrooke III!


                   **Author Interview with Emma Silver**

Can you tell us about the moment when” Blackbrooke –the concept” was born? What was the very first idea that popped into your head?
It was definitely after one too many wines and watching Twilight for the hundredth time. I missed good old-fashioned horror for teenagers. I grew up reading RL Stine and Stephen King so paranormal romance (although massively addictive) just wasn't ticking all of my boxes. I wanted to try and create something scary. I lay in bed that night and started to think about the Rules. The characters of Liberty and Cassius followed and I started drafting the next day

You had me screaming (again) at the end of Book 2 and can’t wait for the third! What can we expect in Blackbrooke 3??
Fireworks! It's chaos as you can imagine and there is a change in dynamic. Liberty is fighting her own demons and trying to come to terms with the person she's become. Her relationships with those around her are understandably strained, especially with Denzil who feels her slipping away. 

How long have you been working on the series?
About 18 months all in all. Not as long as I like to think! Image hardest part was definitely putting Blackbrooke II together. I always knew how I wanted the story to progress but getting it from A to B was a challenge. I just hope I've done it justice. 

Do you have a ritual that you perform when you try to get into the Blackbrooke mindset? Music? Food? Workout? Meditation?
It's music every single time. I have a spotify playlist for each book and I whack my headphones on and blast some tunes to get me in the mood to write. There's a mix-bag of everything on there from 80s pop to unknown acoustic acts. Mostly moody brooding stuff. The more sad the better in some cases unfortunately! The music for part III is a bit more angsty though. 

Do you have a muse? 
I really don't! I wish I could answer this question with something really cool but I'm afraid not. The closest thing I have is the music I listen to. Without music, there wouldn't have been Blackbrooke. 

Other than Blackbrooke, do you have  any other writing or concepts in the works?
Yes absolutely. I have several ideas that I'm currently dabbling with with are also YA horror but I'd like to write an adult horror book too. Only so I can use vile profanities throughout of course...

Who are your literary inspirations?
Stephen King, RL Stine, Joe Hill, and every single contributor to the Point Horror series. Those books saved my life as a youngster and I'll never forget them.

What is your favorite book genre?
I love a good horror but I'm starting to venture into Sci-fi. I'm currently reading Connie Willis' Doomsday Book which is part of the SF Masterworks collection. If really like to read all of the Masterworks titles. So many books, so little time!

What is the name of the last book you read?
Flowers for Algernon - another SF Masterwork. Amazing book. I'd recommend it to anyone. Utterly heart-wrenching from start to finish.

 Can you tell us a bit about yourself!
Oh gosh, I'm really quite a bore! I read, I write and I have a day job selling books to pay the bills. I'm a happy little soul though. I love writing and hope to continue for a very long time yet.

When you are not writing, what can we find you doing?
A lot of reading! Over the past six months I've rediscovered the joy of reading a good book. You get so bogged down with editing your own work that you forget what it's like to actually read something for pleasure. I also love running - it gets my crazy out of me so I can relax and write. 

I love a glass of wine and either chocolate or potato chips when reading…. What’s your favorite ‘go-to’ snack when sitting down with a book?
Ooh! It would have to be hummus with...anything to dip in it! I love the stuff far too much for my own good. I swear I can polish off several tubs in one sitting. It's shocking stuff...

Blackbrooke II: The Guardian Book Description from

Liberty’s fight continues.
After she had discovered the truth behind ‘walk outs’ in her hometown of Blackbrooke and was forced to sacrifice her best friend, Liberty Connor thought she was finally free.
But her nightmare was only just beginning.
Taken to the Institute, a research facility dedicated to Blackbrooke, Liberty finds herself under the watchful eye of sinister Blackbrooke guardian, Mr Jones. Things aren’t as they seem. Familiar faces provide little comfort, and she soon realizes the Crits aren’t the only specimens under the microscope.

Determined to escape, Liberty is once again plunged into a world beyond her comprehension. The one thing she knows for certain is: trust no one.

Friends become strangers, but help is at hand from unexpected quarters. Forced to confront her real enemy, Liberty is left with one familiar choice.


Happy Reading!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ethan Justice: Origins Review & Interview ~ Simon Jenner

I would like to start this blog off by saying I'm sorry I have been MIA. The weather is improving, things are busy and finding time to myself to read and write is almost impossible lately!
I have been working on this blog for several weeks and trust me this book is WELL worth the wait. 
4.5 STARS worth!

So what are we waiting for! Let's get on with it......

It's time to Switch Gears!
I've had lots of romantical sexy-esq posts as of late (and more to come) so much so that we need to head off in another direction before my "non-romantical" readers start jumping ship!

What a great thriller to ignore the housework with!!

Here is the book description from

In the morning, he’s struggling to remember. By the evening, he’s struggling to survive. John Smith’s risk avoidance policy just expired!

Waking up beside the gorgeous Savannah Jones, John is shocked to learn she was for hire, and he can’t pay the price - a thousand pounds or broken legs. In desperation, he turns to best friend, Mark, for the money. Only one problem - Mark has a dagger in his back.

John and Savannah are plunged into a dangerous world where wits and adrenaline are their only weapons and trust in each other their only certainty. As the body count mounts, they discover Mark wasn’t the person John thought, and his terrifying invention may well end up killing thousands, John and Savannah included.

A race to recover the missing invention pits the unlikely pairing against ex-SAS psychopath, Gregory Fisher, a man who will stop at nothing and kill anyone in his way to wreak revenge against the Government who stole his livelihood.

When Smith and Jones team up, the result is explosive.

Ethan Justice: Origins is a fast-paced, action-packed, character-driven thriller, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, cringe, cry and cheer.

My Take:

Where to begin?

Simon Jenner is an author who is full of potential and is has the makings of a hit on his hands!

I love a book with a first chapter or prologue that hooks you and this novel had it!!
I winced at how creepy and sadistic the mysterious killer was off the bat. He clearly has no morals and the question's I had are as follows: What the *bleep* crawled up his ass and died to make him that way? What is he up to.....? WHO is he?

The main protagonist is none other than "John Smith"
Haha! First I have to address the irony that his real name is John Smith and he is on his way to a new identity and name. It is an amusing part of the story line to say the least.
(The name thing made me chuckle on several occasions!)
Smith is quite the character. Literally.
Born to a wealthy family, John is seemingly the dead beat son who really needs to get his ass in gear and find employment.
Little does he know one drink with a friend changes his life and sends him on a wild adventure to becoming the 32 year old 'man' he is! (And he starts saying 'goodbye' to his inner 18 year old)

John meets Savannah Jones (and when I say meets, I mean 'wakes up in bed' with) ...She's a prostitute...I mean... *ahem* ESCORT.... that isn't so good at her new career. A nice girl who got sucked into a rotten job by an idiot friend. (People, let me just take a moment to say.... if your 'friend' encourages you to turn tricks for easy cash, consider college instead...and ditch the friend.... just sayin!) She's got problems of her own and getting involved with John has just made it worse (or better??)

Both Savannah and John are very insecure and lost individuals. For a man in his thirties, John comes off a lot younger, but events teach him to grow. We learn he is quite resourceful and talented. Savannah while young, due to her hard knock life, is a bit older for her age. They make a great team and fit each other perfectly. He is the Yin to her Yang. The Bread to her Butter... The Orange Juice to her Vodka.....The....(oh okay... I'll stop now)
The question is, will this relationship take a romantic turn or be an epic fail?

There are several story lines that end up culminating into one very large adventure for both John and Savannah.
Can they trust Earthguard Agents Wilson and Johnson?
Who the hell is the creepy evil guy looking for the weapon?
What about Savannah's disgusting boss and his horrid plans for her future?

This book is jammed packed with that will keep you turning the pages.
While I was reading, this book could not be pried from my hands!!
The best part.... Author Simon Jenner has tricked us! JUST when you think 'Okay, this is getting a bit predictable....' and figure the book is reaching the end....BOOM..... Major twist you don't see coming!

A few things to note:

The chapters change perspective (love) so we get into the minds of several of the characters.
I love how this book introduces you to exactly how an ordinary guy get's sucked into a world of intrigue.
This book is not only suspenseful but fun. I really enjoy the authors sense of humor!
If you loved my recommendation of Andrew McAllister's "Unauthorized Access" you will NOT want to miss getting a hands on a copy of this novel!! Very much comparable!
I look forward to the rest of the series!

The Bottom Line: I want you to read it! Simon Jenner wants you to read it! Make sure at the end of the Author Interview you catch the Contest and GIVEAWAY!!

                                 ** Author Interview**

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm 50 which really stinks but it’s probably not as bad as 51.  I have a great wife and son who do nothing but support me – my son is always keen to impart his crazy story ideas and my wife helps with beta reading, keeping my butt at the computer and printing out good reviews and sticking them all around the house.  I keep telling them perhaps they should get on with their own work but they are the stubborn, lazy sort.  Just kidding - they're the best.  We live in the UK with our German Shepherd, Spencer, who is perhaps the least ferocious dog his breed has to offer.  The young me was very outgoing and adventurous, getting into many a scrape along the way to adulthood which hit me at around 48.  The older me still enjoys an occasional drink but keeps most of his adventures on the written/digital page.
Who are your inspirations?

I love to read and watch films – these really ignite my already over-active imagination.  I don't have particular authors that I follow or specific genres of film that I watch, so other than the general desire to lose myself in a good story, my inspiration comes mostly from within and the support of a great family.  If I had to sum it up in one word it would be "madness".

What is the most challenging thing you face as an author?

My greatest challenges are marketing and self-doubt.  Marketing takes an age and you're never sure where to best allocate your time.  It interrupts your writing and distracts you at every turn.  Self-doubt rears its ugly head when you read through yesterday's work and find it has turned from literary genius to unfathomable dog crap.  It can takes weeks to turn back and sometimes it stays as dog crap so you just have to start again.
What inspired Ethan Justice: Origins?

I knew I wanted to write a thriller (as that is the genre I prefer to read) and it grew from there.  I used to have a love /hate relationship with writing – one week I would be really keen and the next I would go off the boil but my wife really got Ethan Justice moving when she said: "Write it or go and get a proper job."  What more inspiration does a man need?

Without spoiling the story, what is YOUR favorite part of Ethan Justice: Origins?

I actually have a few favourites but one is at the Ritz, where Savannah and Ethan are trapped in their bathroom, with gunfire all around them, a psycho and a pimp trying to break the door down and death by toothbrush about to play out.  I'll say no more!

There is one shocking turn of events in the novel, which has me wondering….When you wrote this novel, did you have the plot set in your mind or did you go where the story took you?

I tend to plot a few chapters at a time after coming up with a clear view of the antagonist’s plans and motivations and an idea for how the story might end.  If I plot too much in advance I struggle with what the characters will do in each situation – I find writing in the moment works best for me. Sometimes it's great to be at a point in the book, following the general plan,  and then throw an unexpected spanner into the works.  I love it. If I'm not sure what will happen next, then it’s doubtful the reader can guess! So to answer your question: the story was a mixture of plotting and gut feel for where the characters wanted to go as I wrote.
I’m always big on books to TV/film ….If your book was cast as a television series, who would you cast in the lead roles??

I don't really see the book as a TV series as I think the plot and pace would better suit film but then I would choose Ryan Gosling to play Ethan and Mila Kunis to play Savannah.  I'd need to listen to their English accents first, mind you!

Can you give us a teaser about what to look forward to in the next book? How many books do you have planned for the series?

The second Ethan Justice book, “Relentless”, is being edited. This time around Ethan and Savannah end up in a dangerous cat and mouse game of pursuit and survival when they cross paths with Richard Windal, a cool, confident and highly influential yet psychotic entrepreneur.

I’m currently planning on having three Ethan Justice books but while “Relentless” is being prepared for publication, I have started writing the first book in a new series. It is another action thriller about a man who has fallen on hard times in the current financial crisis. He gets recruited as an assassin to pay the bills, but all is not as it seems!


                                 **GIVEAWAY TIME!**


This Giveaway Is Closed! Congrats to the Winners who were posted on the Facebook Page!! 

You've read the review. You've read the Interview....Now it's time to own a copy!
Simon Jenner has kindly offered some copies up for grabs!
ONE hard copy novel and 3 E-book's (Winners choice PDF, E-PUB, Kindle) ... so pay CLOSE attention... here's how it's going to work......


The Hard Copy Prize is for only Canada or U.S. participants.
Those entering the Hard Copy Draw are also eligible to enter to win one of the three E-books.
HOWEVER should you win the Hard Copy, you are automatically disqualified from the e-book draw.
It's nice to give others a chance!

E-Book Prize: There are no country limitations on the E-book prize. Please note the novel is in English. 


ONE E-MAIL ENTRY per person!

All you have to do to enter either draw is email me your name, age, province/state/country and let me know one of the following:
a) ONLY Hard Copy - Canada-U.S Only
b) ONLY E-book
c) BOTH draws-Canada-U.S Only

That's it! You're name will be entered to win!

The drawing will take place on Tuesday June 4th at 7pm and winners will be announced via my Facebook Page as well as contacted by email.

Good Luck and Happy Reading!!