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Monday, 1 July 2013

Entwined With You ~ Sylvia Day

Oh Gideon.

It took you long enough.

(Than again, it took ME long enough to post this review...sorry about that.....shit happens..) :S

As is typical of me when a much anticipated novel hits on release day.... I wasted no time on June 6th, snagging Entwined With You from Kobo whilst eating my breakfast. (Peanut Butter and Honey on toast.... pretty sure I dropped some on my keyboard as well....sticky mess but delicious....)

As soon as I was able to find time to read, BOOM, nose in the book tuning out the world.
(My favorite past time!) 

One thing before I really get into this review....please note: I really wish I had taken the time to read the first two in the series again, just to refresh my memory a bit. After all, it had been quite a while between releases and I have read so many other books between Reflected in You and this novel. Luckily, things started clicking fast and it all came back to me.

I am going to keep this review short and sweet because let's face it: If you are reading this you already know WHAT to expect and who the players are.....(If not read my previous blogs! Links posted at the end of this review!)

So for all you EWT curiosity seekers......let me fill you in!

No time has really passed between the books. It picks up right where it left off.
Due to the events of Reflected In You, Eva and Gideon find themselves keeping their relationship a secret, which is proving to be fun.
Gideon also seems to have calmed down slightly in this novel.......surprise, surprise....he doesn't seem as overbearing.

Speaking of surprise, Sylvia Day had a few tricks up her sleeve this book. While I wont spoil it, I will say that there are events in this book that I 'didn't see coming' just yet. Whoosh, Sylvia Day slaps us with some jaw droppers. One blog reader tweeted to me that she screamed when the book ended. You can't blame her, I know the feeling!

As we all know the Crossfire Series is nothing without the spicy bits and bites! Those of you who are after the Gideon Cross assured that there is no lack of the steamy parts! Oh that devilish man still can go all night.
(I type this like I've done him or something...Weirdo)

One thing that I experienced reading it was anxiety. Serious anxiety. This couple can NOT freakin' catch a break!!! So much drama and not just in regards to them. Magumi has some stuff going on in this book that remains a mystery... Cary... oh Cary.... that loveable roommate really is quite the character... and he is asking for it!! You won't believe what happens to him... I was stunned!!
 I wish I could tell you what happens.... BUT I WONT. (Hahaha... Go read it yourself!)
This book is loaded. No disappointments! By far my favorite Crossfire novel yet!

If you are expecting THREE books in this series... I have news for you.....


If you follow Sylvia Day on Twitter, Facebook etc.... this information will not be a shock to you.

While this is VERY exciting news, I know some people who are sobbing in a corner because they wanted to read all three in one sitting.... well.... sorry guys.. now you are waiting longer!
(Oh would you just join the rest of us and read the books as they release!! Come to the dark side!! We have jello shots and chardonnay!) 

I'm truly excited that Gideon and Eva's story will continue a little longer....
Simply put, this series is amazing and entertaining! I am happy to see it go on for a while longer rather than rush the last novel. (Which I feel so many authors tend to do...and that blows)
The much anticipated Book #4 in the Crossfire Series has been titled "Captivated By You".
No release date will be shared until all is a-go, but I will get you that info via my Facebook Fan Page the moment I hear what's happening!!


Happy Reading!

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