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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bared to You ~ Sylvia Day

“First Fifty Shades, now this? What kind of kinky-assed genre have I got myself into?” ~ My first thought while sitting down to read "Bared to You"

Calling all lovers (readers) of Fifty Shades and 'Mommy Porn' books alike!
Clear your schedules, grab some wine, a little chocolate, turn off your phone, test your batteries (oh you know what they're for!) put your husbands, lovers, pool boys on high alert... 
There is a new book in town and it's guaranteed take the edge off when you start craving more Christian Grey!!!

Intrigued are you?

Keep reading (while those batteries charge) and I will tell you more.....

This morning I woke up with plans to purge and clean the house. I managed to get my oldest off to school with minimal resistance while dealing with a toddler and her teething tantrums. It wasn’t the greatest start to the day and wore me out a bit. (I am already not a morning person)
 I decided to make myself some green tea and surf the net while my little one played before I got started on the day’s chores.
In my twitter feed, I saw a tweet that was promoting a Sylvia Day novel. Comparable to Fifty Shades it said, my interest was certainly piqued.
I immediately downloaded the book with the intent to read it this afternoon after my chores were complete.
My daughter’s tantrums and fussy mood continued throughout the morning and she crashed early for a much needed nap. At that point I said ‘To hell with chores’ and picked up my Kobo.

(I know what you are thinking...skip the boring back story and get to the goods....)

“Bared to You” (<---- Remember this title!)  the first in the Crossfire series, is about Eva Tramell, a young woman who moves to New York to start a new job accompanied by her 'BFF' Cary Taylor. Fast forward to a ‘meet cute’ with a handsome stranger that sends Eva reeling. Next thing you know, she is trying to avoid the overly sexual, intense and outrageously bold Gideon Cross. Not an easy task when it is discovered they work in the same building and he's just as attracted to her, as she is to him. Needless to say, things become interesting (You'll want your Wine, Chocolate, Batteries, B.O.B) when Gideon refuses to take no for an answer.

What I love about this novel are the characters. Eva is strong, witty, experienced and far from perfect. Her jealousy issues, temper and demons come out to play which makes for a fascinating heroine!
Gideon in my opinion is more likable that Christian Grey. He is stronger, more mature and far sexier. He most certainly has his own set of demons and flaws that he battles to overcome. I find Gideon less annoying than Christian (who IMO was a bit of a whiny baby) as while he does have a jealous streak, he handles himself better.
The supporting characters and their stories are just as interesting, which adds more 'oomph' to the novel.
Cary is the fun loving bi-sexual male sidekick who adds a great mix to the storyline with his over protective brother persona! He has his own side story and relationships that develop over the course of the book.
 Eva's Mom and Step-dad are both over-protective and add an extra layer to the tale. I found myself getting annoyed on Eva's behalf when reading their antics.
There is a lot of mystery surrounding Gideon's family (parents, brother sister) and it leaves you wanting more. (I can't give too much away... that is why you need to take my word for it and read the book!)
Both Eva and Gideon have dark and complicated pasts which begs the question, will their relationship work?
 In "Bared to You" we learn a lot about Eva’s demons, but by the end we still don’t have the full story on Gideon, just tidbits and assumptions. I guess we will have to wait for the release of **Reflected In You** later this year!! Yes, we have to wait until October for more!! (I DEMAND a faster release date!! An advanced copy?? Oh wouldn't that be amazing! Dare to Dream!)

 How does it compare to Fifty Shades? The formula for a good 'fantasy sex' book are there: A filthy rich hero, dark secrets, kinky sex, fast moving relationships, ex lovers, possible bad guy and even talk of Doms and Subs. Please don't think that you will be reading 'the same' book with all those similarities. I can assure you it's the same formula, but a much different erotically captivating story!
 If you are a diehard Fifty Shades, don't get your nose out of joint and consider this novel competition and refuse to read it. It's the newest series in a genre that is exploding and woman are demanding more. E.L James has paved the way!

Sylvia Day is Best Selling author, and you really do need to pick up a copy and see why!!
Your husbands, lovers, and pool boys (Whoever tickles your fancy) will thank you for it! ;)

Now that I have done my part to share this book with all of you, I am going to do what I have been wanting to do since I finished the book.......


***Edited for Title Change!! Book Two of the Crossfire Series is now called 'Reflected In You' (Formally Deeper Into You)



  1. Great post. I too have just read Bared to You and loved it. The intensity with which Gideon pursues Eva makes Christian Grey (whom I love) look like a pussy cat. I've read fifty shades three times and will re-read but my husband was starting to look at me funny and I knew I needed a new book. I will re-read fifty (and Bared) but I'm glad I read this. Brilliant book with a really intense romance

    1. Thank You! I agree with the pussy cat comment! While I love Fifty Shades, Anastasia and Christian seem very 'young and immature' when compared to Eva and Gideon! In the first few chapters of Bared to You, I was impressed with Eva's 'no bullshit' attitude and her experience. I think it's the first book I have read in awhile where the heroine wasn't a naive virgin. I loved how she "showed some balls" and didn't come off like a love-struck clueless airhead!

  2. Replies
    1. Can't wait to hear what you think!! :)

  3. I 'm reading this book at the moment too after my Christian Grey's obssession, of course,,, But then again Grey was the first and he's very complex and challenging... Gideon is no match for Grey who is more enigmatic and captivating. Love your blog!!!