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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Beautiful Bombshell ~ Christina Lauren

I know what you are thinking...... "Beautiful Bombshell"..... Christina and Lauren wrote a book inspired by me.
No.... no they did not!
If they did it  however, it would most likely be titled "Delusional Egomaniac" but that is neither here nor there..... ;)

Beautiful Bombshell is the second novella by Christina Lauren in the Beautiful Bastard series. Sexy and amusing, it tells the tale of how Bennett and Max can't seem to keep their thoughts off their ladies, so you can imagine what happens when Chloe and Sara end up crashing the Bachelor Party Weekend! 
Leaving Henry baffled, and Will more than a little irritated, Bennett and Max are constantly finding excuses to sneak away for some fantastical fuckery. The lengths these guys will go through to be with their women is hysterical.
(What happens in nothing compared to what these naughty boys are up to.....)

I can't seem to get enough of the novels in this series. The sarcastic and fun nature of the characters..... The imagination and creativity that goes into the storyline (hehehe...oh the sexcapades.....) makes these novels stand out from the pack. Naturally, the minute any of them release they end up in my possession and find and I always seem to find any excuse to immediately read it.
(**cough** **cough** Yeah.... I can't work today.... I've got a case of the Bennett Ryans.......)
It took me less than an hour to devour Beautiful Bombshell and my biggest (and only) complaint was the abrupt ending. It took me by surprise how quickly it ended. One more chapter would have been lovely.......!
These novella's are like literary crack.... just enough to satisfy you until the next full length novel is released and always leaving you wanting more!

At the end of the novella, I was excited to find an excerpt from Beautiful Player, which is Will's lusty love story. I am waiting on pins and needles for that release! Given the snarky nature of Bennett and Chloe's relationship and the voyeuristic tendencies of Sara and gleefully looks forward to seeing what Will is going to get up too!

If you haven't read anything by Christina Lauren yet, than for the love of all that is sexy and sinful would you get on it already!!!!

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Now go be a good lil minx and buy yourself a copy of Beautiful Bombshell!
You deserve it!

Happy Reading.

Visit Christina Lauren's Website for more information!

The Official Book Description:

In this new novella, the gentlemen from Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player are out for a wild night on The Strip.
When Max, Henry, and Will steal Bennett away for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, the first stop of the night doesn’t go at all as planned. With their scheme for a Guys Weekend completely derailed anyway, Max and Bennett begin to play a wild game of stealth and secrecy in order to have their bombshells all over Sin City.

Tempting Fate ~ Amber Lin

I'm blushing.

No really. BLUSHING.

I'm pretty sure my Kobo has steam rising from it, and not because the battery is overheated. 

My sexy little minx readers dying for an adult novel, listen up!
(This is not a novel for prudish types!)

I'm a bit behind on getting this review to you! My apologies. I can sit here, grovel and ask for forgiveness about my lack of posts as of late, but NO! Let's get on with this review so you can run out and grab a copy for yourselves. (No, not you mom, I don't think you can handle this one......)

Book Description from

Rose Murphy is ready to break free from her brother's control. She's ready to open her own ballet studio. And most of all, she's ready to live without fear. So when she sees her brother's lawyer, the man she's lusted after for years, she gives in to her body's desires.

A sexy show through her bedroom window whets both their appetites. On Drew's next visit, he returns the striptease favor. Mutual masturbation gives way to a naughty late night phone call. She's a breath away from everything she's hoped for, but not everyone wants them to be together. When the relationship comes to light, their sensual bliss may be shattered.

My Thoughts:

If you are into Erotic Romance and you haven't yet read anything by Amber Lin, than you are completely missing out. (I highly suggest you remedy your oversight and run out to purchase these novels!)

Let me tell ya...for a small novella Tempting Fate packs a very large punch!
This is my third review of Amber's novels and if you have read any of my previous blogs (and you should!) you will know how much I champion her work. This is a lady who belongs at the top of the best sellers lists! It's people like you and me who support Indie Authors who can make that happen.

As I read Tempting Fate, I almost forgot that it was a novella I was reading and not a lengthy story. I want to tell you I am heartbroken or irritated that this wasn't a full length novel, but I can't. It was perfect just the way it was. In keeping with her previous novels, the writing is fluid, descriptive and the story is sexy as sin.
(Again, a book made me blush!! ME!! Blush!!! Crazy!!)
 It's not just a book about a woman finally coming to terms with her feelings and her sexuality, it's a book with conflict and a touch of mystery. I can't believe how much was jammed into the pages of this novella, and it was seamless!! (Seamless I say!!)
The Lost Girls Series show us that romance isn't always fluff, rainbows and roses. These novels are dark, edgy and not at as predictable as you would think.
They are passionate and provocative!
Rose was introduced to us before in passing in the previous Lost Girls novels, so to finally read about her story was exciting. She's always remained a bit of a mystery and now we can finally get to know why.
 The sexual tension between her and her brothers lawyer Drew Laramie practically sets the pages on fire. I thought my Kobo would spontaneously combust.
A powerful kingpin in the underworld, Phillip is extremely overprotective of his sister, which means Drew and Rose have to keep their romance under wraps. Neither wants to know what Philip will do should he discover what's going on right under his nose....but is Phillip the only threat they face?

I would recommend reading the series in order..... but if you wanted to read Tempting Fate as a stand alone, if anything to sample the author's work, you could get away with it. I'm warning you though, once you read any of these novels, you will run out and grab the rest! I'm willing to bet on it.

I also have to give a shout out on the cover design. Each one of the Lost Girls novels have stunning covers and Tempting Fate is by far my favorite of the three. 
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You can find Tempting Fate on Amazon by following this link!

Happy Reading!