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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Underneath by Michael Cargill

 I received an email begging and pleading with me to help a starving indie author.
 Now, since I am sweet and kind (am too!!)  I offered to send him cookies, but alas they aren't sensible eats to send across the ocean.
A turkey dinner would spoil long before it arrives.....and Prince William is just ignoring all my calls now that he's married he's no help....

                                       What else could I do to help a starving indie author?

Cookies Anyone??

                                             Oh that's right!!


Michael Cargill this review is for you and your starving belly! ;)

I must start this entry off with some questions for my readers.....

Are you a frequent 'People Watcher'?

Have you ever wondered what the guy next to on the park bench is thinking?

Or what the story is with the woman pushing the stroller?

Have you ever witnessed a very public meltdown?

Or had that creepy 'heebie jeebie' vibe from someone sitting across from you on a bus?

Are you curious about the stories and secrets of perfect strangers?

If you answered YES to any one of the following questions, than you are going to want to read 'Underneath' by Michael Cargill.

A man clearly in need of a padded room and straight jacket, Hugh is living a mundane life as a freelance writer, occasional video game enthusiast and gym member. We follow him as he hangs out at the park (CREEPY) to grocery shopping (WOW) to starting a relationship with poor unsuspecting Abigail (RUN....NOW!!)
Hugh is most certainly a guy you would like to avoid at all costs. He appears 'normal' on the outside and yet deep down has tremendous psychological issues. (..and you thought your ex was a Hugh!) While reading about his character, you will be intrigued, baffled and disturbed. You may also find yourself eyeballing those around you, trying to figure out what goes on in their minds! Warning: You may also develop an aversion to the term 'slug'.

I found 'Underneath' to be a page turner. One of the biggest reasons I couldn't put it down being that I wanted to see what this nut job would do or say next. I find it alarming to think that right now there are people walking around like Hugh. Dark, strange and in dire need of mental health intervention!
(Just turn on the six o'clock news program,.... crack open a paper....look over your shoulder.......they are everywhere)

The novel also follows two police officers who walk the beat and go about their business. When they aren't issuing incident forms, it seems they are hitting up a neighborhood coffee shop for a 'cuppa'.
Clare is an 'ass-kicking' female cop with lethal stare. She's married and silently struggles with the kids versus career debate.
Robert was a character who had me laughing. He's a fun-loving sarcastic cop, who just needs to move in with his girlfriend already.
Little do they know that the majority of recent disturbances they are dealing with, are the work of one crazed individual. 

The story-lines and characters all interconnect, whether they are simply passing each other on the street or happen to play the same video game online. It was a nice touch the story.
You know that feeling, when you are watching TV and you end up yelling 'Don't go in there' at the screen? I felt this way reading 'Underneath'. Every time the cops casually encountered Hugh, I wanted to yell 'Arrest the Weirdo' (Which I am glad I didn't because surely someone may have carted me off for yelling at a book)
While this is a more serious read, the author uses a lot of witty sarcasm and humor throughout the novel, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. It didn't detract from the seriousness of the subject matter and just added that extra element to the characters. (Who doesn't bite their tongue and hold back on a good sarcastic tongue lashing?) There is nothing like good British humor and sarcasm to keep me entertained! (Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais....and now Michael Cargill to name a few!) 

A strong message to take away from this novel? People aren't always what they seem. You never know what lay beneath the surface!

Watch the Book Trailer for Underneath! The music captures the creep factor of Hugh rather well!

Visit Michael Cargill's Blog !

All in all, 'Underneath' is a relatively short read and enjoyable thriller to pass the time with, and I think YOU should give it a read! In fact, the author has generously told me to pass the story on with 10 free e-book giveaway copies!


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Happy Reading!!


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Friday, 20 July 2012


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A copy of Kathryn Harvey's Butterfly!

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Answer ONE of the following questions correctly and email me the answer along with your name, age, and province or state! *Information can be found in my latest blog entry 'Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey'

1) There is a line I found amusing from the novel that I quoted in my review. What is the name the girl chose to call herself, and what was she off to find?

2)  What year did I say Butterfly was originally released?

3) What is the authors REAL name?

Winner will be chosen and notified via email so I can collect the mailing information. Winner will also be announced here when the contest is over, and on Facebook Page.

GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Butterfly ~ Kathryn Harvey

Once upon a time, before Anastasia met her 'Fifty Shades', before Eva 'Bared' it to Gideon, there was a Butterfly…..

A seductive, sensual and mesmerizing Butterfly……

A book about making hopes and dreams a reality.

A story, that tells the tale of women in search of having their wildest fantasies fulfilled.

A tale about the thirst for power and the desire for ultimate revenge.
You will be entranced. You will be enthralled. You shall be warned.....

                                                         This is NOT a love story! 

I was so excited when my package finally arrived in the mail! I tore open the yellow envelope, made sure my toddler was amused with her toys and immediately sat down and started to read! (Thank God I had completed my chores for the day!)
Written under the pen name 'Kathryn Harvey' Butterfly is one of those novels where you have to clear your schedule well in advance to read. There is a lot going on within it's pages and it needs your full attention. (I will sign a note saying I have given you permission to ignore the housework if anyone complains... I've got your back!) I was torn the other night between watching 'Love In The Wild' and reading Butterfly. Not wanting to miss out on either, I compromised and read during commercial breaks. It took all my spare time, made me late for bed, forced my husband to complain about my sleep habits, but it was well worth it!

Trying to write a blog review on this novel is a difficult task. The reason? Because if I say too much I may spoil the mystery of the plot. I don't want to do that to the reader. So I will keep with the spirit of Butterfly and the characters by revealing only tidbits I feel can be shared.........

Let's start with the description from Amazon:

"An arousing, passionate story of three women's hidden desires and the place called Butterfly, where dreams are kept and where fantasies come to life.
Above an exclusive men's store on Rodeo Drive there is a private club called Butterfly, where women are free to act out their secret erotic fantasies. Only the most beautiful and powerful women in Beverly Hills are invited to join: Jessica, a lawyer who longs for the days when men were men, and women dressed to please them; Trudie, a builder who wants a man who will challenge her - all of her - with no holds barred; and Linda, a surgeon, who uses masks to unmask the desires she hides even from herself. But the most mysterious of them all is the woman who created Butterfly. She has changed her name, her accent, even her face to hide her true identity. And now she is about to reveal everything to realize the dream that has driven her since childhood - the secret obsession that will carry her beyond ecstasy, or destroy her and everyone around her."

 My take:

"Butterfly" flits back and forth between it's characters weaving a spell over the reader. It spans over several decades to tell the complex tale of the mysterious owner of Butterfly, and how the club came to be.
We follow several different characters, some of them over time, others in just their present day situations.
The subjects of sexism, racism, homosexuality, sex, ethics, politics and religion are themes that appear throughout the story. In my personal opinion, the author did a fantastic job capturing the attitudes and struggles society faced in the mid nineteen-hundred's. (I'm still waiting on Marty McFly to show up with the Delorian so I can go back and check things out for myself) The terminology and slang smoothly transitioned between the decades which set an authentic tone to the novel. 'Kathryn Harvey' captured the thoughts and challenges of the poorer classes in the fifties, especially those pertaining to women with no education and the harsh attitudes of men who believed women had a place and it was either the bed or the kitchen. We hear the thoughts of a poor ignorant white man, and how he feels about the African American help. We read about J.F.K assassinated in his prime and how it effected and changed not only people in the country but the course of characters lives in the book. We see the freedom and sexual liberation of woman in the sixties. (You get the picture) I could keep going all the way until the book takes you to the 'present day' of Butterfly which is the nineteen-eighties.
I especially enjoyed as the story progressed to describe the Hippie Movement in the late sixties. One line made me chuckle and I will share it as it is not in any way crucial to the plot: The following is in response to an inquiry of a secretaries whereabouts:

 "I don't know. She just came in this morning, announced that she was no longer Debbie Schwartz but Daffodil, and that she was going to go out and find her karma"

(Oh the things that amuse me)

I found myself nostalgic as I read about the days when things were still kept in filing cabinets. When we used typewriters and people had to actually 'wait' for their phone calls. (And YES, I am old enough to have used both a typewriter and a rotary phone, but if anyone asks I am twenty five!)

 I don't think I would even classify this novel as 'Mommy Porn'. There is a depth to this novel that puts it in a class of it's own.While Butterfly does have imaginative and erotically charged sexual encounters, there is a rock solid story line full of intensity and drama. We don't see 'as much' sex as we saw in the other novels I have reviewed and what we do see in Butterfly is written with class, not crass. (Newsflash for those who think this is a straight up tale about erotic sex. It's NOT!)  May I be so bold to say that if you didn't find Fifty Shades Of Grey to be your cup of tea, than Butterfly may be more suited to your tastes! (And if Fifty Shades was your style, it doesn't matter read this book anyway!)

Let's take a quick peek at the characters!

Dr. Linda Markus: A surgeon with two failed marriages, and some serious sexual issues. When she’s not trying to work herself to death, she is at Butterfly using it as her own personal ‘sex therapy' session. Will she ever be able to fix her problem? Or is she doomed to be alone forever.

Trudie Stein: Fun-loving, single and looking for love in all the wrong places. She’s the most sought after female builder in a business. A business that is dominated by men who see her as more of a pain in the ass than anything. She has a veracious sexual appetite and just needs to meet Mr. Right… Butterfly helps her get her jollies off in a safe and fun environment while she figures out what exactly she needs in a man.

Jessica Franklin: A young, successful and shrewd Entertainment Lawyer by day and a suppressed, emotionally abused, submissive wife by night (or whenever her douchebag husband is around) Her friend Trudie introduces to her the idea of Butterfly and wants her to join. Will it help her heal from her husband’s domineering ways? Will cheating solve her problems and give her the confidence she needs?

Rachel Dwyer: A lost, lonely and embarrassingly naive little girl who gets caught up in a world of prostitution. She's an avid reader for someone in her age and social class. She loves to get lost in a book and will do anything improve her life. For someone who didn't grow up with a lot of love, she has a lot to give.

Danny MacKay: A despicable low life, hell bent on being the most powerful man he can be. His ego and skill at cunning knows no bounds!

Beverly Highland: The best and only word to describe her is..... 'Enigma'

More Information

Kathryn Harvey is a pseudonym for best selling author Barbara Wood. This book was originally released in 1988 and has been re-released by Turner Publishing! Butterfly is the first in a trilogy, followed by 'Stars' and Private Entrance. I have added both to my reading list, along with every title Barbara Wood has ever written. She is an extremely talented author, and I look forward to discovering more of her work. (She has a LONG list of books I need to catch up on!)

In my personal opinion, Butterfly can be enjoyed by both women AND men. In fact, I challenge my male audience to read this as I would like to hear a man's take on it! (If you are a kick-ass guy and will read the book, send me an email and let me know your opinion so I can share with everyone!)

 I will reiterate again that the book is one hell of a story and there is more to it than a 'fantastical' bordello and what goes on inside it's walls.

The many characters, story lines and flashbacks, twists and events taking place, that it makes a truly captivating read.

I can assure you this is not the last you will hear from me about this trilogy or author (pen name or not!)..........

What if I were to tell you there is a GIVEAWAY copy up for grabs?

Would you want it??

I know your answer is a resounding YES!

Details to follow..... in the meantime........

Happy Reading!!

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Friday, 13 July 2012

A Suspenseful MUST read ~ Unauthorized Access!

If I could describe my next recommended read in one word, it would be.......


Win this book! Enter the Giveaway below!

If you love a wonderfully told, suspenseful novel that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat, than you are going to thank me for introducing this book into your life!
 (I will accept flowers, wine, and visa gift cards ;))

Unauthorized Access by Andrew McAllister is a novel that needs to be catapulted into the "Bookish Big Leagues" (aka Best Sellers lists) Another debut author who has delivered and I will be reading this novel again!

Honestly, I am so excited about this novel I don't even know where to begin!

Here is the book description from Amazon:

 "Young computer programmer Rob Donovan receives an emergency call from his boss at the First Malden Bank in Boston after the first successful cyber attack in American banking history scrambles thousands of account records. First Malden’s survival is on the line as furious customers and voracious reporters descend on the bank. Rob is part of the team trying to fix the damage, until the FBI charges him with the crime and brings his world crashing down. Facing prison time and the loss of his fiancée Lesley, Rob’s only chance of reclaiming his life lies in cutting through a web of mistrust and betrayal to uncover the startling truth behind the attack."

When I read that excerpt, I was immediately hooked. It sounded like it had page turner potential. I was not disappointed!

Why was that? Well read on....

From page one I was impressed with Mr. McAllister's writing style. It was descriptive, witty and overall had a great flow. The character dialogue was natural, and you almost felt immersed IN the story, rather than just reading it. This book would make an amazing movie! (Listen up Hollywood!)
It's a book that while entertains, certainly makes you think! In this day in age with terrorism, cyber-theft, and relying on technology are YOU prepared should your bank suddenly be sent into a panic? This book may have you hollowing out a teddy bear for stashing emergency funds. (Sorry Ted!)

 The story is told with all key players points of view. Watching their stories unfold from the start always adds that extra thrill. It helped build the novel into an amazing climax with a fantastic ending!

The lead character Rob Donovan is one of the most 'down to earth' characters I have ever read as a lead in a suspense or thriller. He doesn't have the skills of a cop, FBI agent or that of which you typically see in the role of a hero. (I could probably handle a gun better than this guy)  The struggle he endures throughout the book is close to home as what any human being put in that position would go through. It's a very realistic portrayal, and it's enough to put knots in your stomach.
Can you imagine being accused of a crime and not one single person believes you, including those you love?
How do you think you or your loved ones would react in a situation where you are cleverly framed?

Lesley McGrath is not only Rob's fiancée, but her uncle is Rob's boss (The Bank CEO), and she is a news reporter for a local television station. (Oh what a tangled web we weave...) Her situation is tremendously complicated. How do you cope when you may not know your partner as well as you think? How do you maintain your professionalism and bias at your job, when two people you love are involved in the biggest story making headlines?

Tim Whitlock is Rob's best friend and coworker. Scheming, mislead and delusional are all appropriate descriptions for his character. Passive Aggressive to the core, he is by far one of the more complex and interesting characters in the story. His emotions and involvement in events are twisted. Not the kind of friend you want at all.You'll end up loving to hate him.

Stan Dysart is Lesley's uncle and President and CEO of the First Malden Bank. He's a shrewd businessman who loves his family, and his business and will do what it takes to ensure his bank and customers (even niece) are taken care of. He was one of my favorite characters...both lovable and sly. Following his particular storyline made the story that much better.

One word to describe the relationships and portrayal in the novel: Real.

 I can be picky about the conclusion of my novels, that is why I am extremely pleased with how this book ended. I won't spoil it for you at all. You have to read it and see why I am thrilled! The only teaser you get is after the amazing climactic scenes, the ending was brilliant! Perfect! The Epilogue was my favorite, right down to the final sentence. Unlike most books I have read, I couldn't exactly 'see' where this was going, and I like it that way.The author keeps the reader on his/her toes.

One word to describe the conclusion: Satisfying

It's not a book that you can easily put down (Yes... I am enthusiastic, deal with it)  I have several people in mind who I know will enjoy suspense and thrillers (**cough** DAD **cough**) and I am going to make sure they pick one up! I am completely championing Andrew McAllister and look forward to his next novel! Click here to find a copy in paperback or kindle edition!

NOW that I have convinced you that this book is for you.... It's time for some fun!!

                         GIVEAWAY WINNER:


She has won an autographed copy of Unauthorized Access!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Hot In Handcuffs

Not too long ago my 8 year old daughter came running to me all excited shrieking ‘Mommy, these are so cool! Can I keep them?’

You can imagine the look of shock and horror on my face when I saw the item she was holding. It was a gag gift I'd received about 11 years ago from a friend. (YES it was a gag gift!!) A pair of fuzzy purple handcuffs that had long been forgotten in a bedroom drawer. (Oh 'Shut Up' all of you who don't believe me! I don't even know where the keys are!)

‘No Naomi, you may not keep them.... and you really shouldn’t be in the drawers in my room, they are private’ I responded.

“But my friends and I could use them for playing!!” She whined. I shook my head NO and tried to control the irresistible urge to laugh. I told her to go put them back where she found them.
 (I felt like I was on a hidden camera show) 

I thought she was about to leave to do as I asked when a light bulb went off in her head.

‘Mommy, why do you have handcuffs anyway?’
 (Well, sometimes when two people love each other they play good cop, bad cop... )

Thinking fast on my feet I responded “Well, you know how we always say if anyone ever broke into the house, that mommy would kick their butts right? Well, I need the handcuffs to help until the police arrive”
(My story and I'm sticking to it!)

“Mommy, but why are they fuzzy and purple?”
 (Are you still here? Don't you have a dance to make up? Some Wii games to play? Coloring to do? Put the cuffs back and forget they exist child!!!)

I replied “Well, that’s because I am a girl, and I think they are much prettier than boring old silver handcuffs”
(True Story)

Satisfied with that answer, she passed them to me, and took off.
(She bought it! Phew!)

A few points I need to make before moving on:
A) Gag gift or not, hide your 'toys' where the kids wont snoop.
B)  I need to find the keys.... *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
C) If Paul Walker or Ryan Reynolds break into my house anytime soon, I'm prepared!

A great gift for friends!

Stop laughing about my cuffs.... let's move on to a book with Handcuffs in the title!

If you are a "Mommy Porn" aficionado (or fancy to be one) you have probably heard of "Hot In Handcuffs". The book is a collection of three short stories by Shayla Black, Sylvia Day and Shiloh Walker.

I was in the mood for a lighter read to help me mellow out and relax. "Hot In Handcuffs" sounded like what the doctor ordered! (I swear the doctors scribble on the prescription said 'read porn'....either that or 'take penicillin'... potato..po-tat-o...whatever)

The rundown:

The first story "Arresting Desire" by Shayla Black involves characters named Jon Bocelli and Lucia DiStefano. He's a studly FBI agent, she's a young 25 year old virgin. Two years after they've last seen each other, he discovers she is still a virgin, but not for long if she can help it. Jon finds out Lucia is heading off to an erotic resort to 'give it up' to a random stranger, and he snaps. The two set out to solve the mystery regarding his brother and her father all the while giving into their lust once and for all! This novella is certainly a sexual fantasy if there ever was.
Short Story + Steamy Sex = Meeee-ow. 

 Sylvia Day is the author of the second novella "On Fire" (Yes, yes it is!) The title says it all. Ms. Day had a bit more 'meat' (for lack of a better term) to the story than the previous. She tells the tale of Fire Inspector Darcy Michaels, who ends up in a whirlwind relationship with the sexy Deputy U.S. Marshal sent to help solve the arson case plaguing her town. Jared Cameron is unlike the men she typical gets involved with. What should be a one night stand, becomes a blazing hot, passion-filled relationship. Talk about sparks! I love how the two decide to hook up. (You'll have to read the story to find out how it happened!)
The novella is a hot sex fest, with a decent story line. I enjoyed it from start to finish!

Last but not least "The Unwilling" by Shiloh Walker surprised me. It wasn't as sexual as the first two. (Which isn't too bad, as by the second story you probably need a cold shower, fresh batteries and need to let your lover rest!) The story is about two psychics and former lovers. A Lieutenant named Mica Greer and former FBI agent named Colby Mathis.The two are reunited 15 years later to hunt for a twisted serial killer. While getting inside the killers head, they realize that they are still in each others hearts. I liked the concept and enjoyed the story. I wish it had been longer. Sometimes I found the story to be confusing, I wish I had more background on the characters and understood their psychic abilities more. It took some getting used to.

All in all "Hot In Handcuffs" is a novel that will leave you saying 'Hawt Damn!' and may have you purchasing your own set of cuffs. If you are looking for a pool side 'smokin' hot' read, you can add this novel to your list!

While you check out the book, I'm off to find those keys! ;)

Happy Reading!