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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Underneath by Michael Cargill

 I received an email begging and pleading with me to help a starving indie author.
 Now, since I am sweet and kind (am too!!)  I offered to send him cookies, but alas they aren't sensible eats to send across the ocean.
A turkey dinner would spoil long before it arrives.....and Prince William is just ignoring all my calls now that he's married he's no help....

                                       What else could I do to help a starving indie author?

Cookies Anyone??

                                             Oh that's right!!


Michael Cargill this review is for you and your starving belly! ;)

I must start this entry off with some questions for my readers.....

Are you a frequent 'People Watcher'?

Have you ever wondered what the guy next to on the park bench is thinking?

Or what the story is with the woman pushing the stroller?

Have you ever witnessed a very public meltdown?

Or had that creepy 'heebie jeebie' vibe from someone sitting across from you on a bus?

Are you curious about the stories and secrets of perfect strangers?

If you answered YES to any one of the following questions, than you are going to want to read 'Underneath' by Michael Cargill.

A man clearly in need of a padded room and straight jacket, Hugh is living a mundane life as a freelance writer, occasional video game enthusiast and gym member. We follow him as he hangs out at the park (CREEPY) to grocery shopping (WOW) to starting a relationship with poor unsuspecting Abigail (RUN....NOW!!)
Hugh is most certainly a guy you would like to avoid at all costs. He appears 'normal' on the outside and yet deep down has tremendous psychological issues. (..and you thought your ex was a Hugh!) While reading about his character, you will be intrigued, baffled and disturbed. You may also find yourself eyeballing those around you, trying to figure out what goes on in their minds! Warning: You may also develop an aversion to the term 'slug'.

I found 'Underneath' to be a page turner. One of the biggest reasons I couldn't put it down being that I wanted to see what this nut job would do or say next. I find it alarming to think that right now there are people walking around like Hugh. Dark, strange and in dire need of mental health intervention!
(Just turn on the six o'clock news program,.... crack open a paper....look over your shoulder.......they are everywhere)

The novel also follows two police officers who walk the beat and go about their business. When they aren't issuing incident forms, it seems they are hitting up a neighborhood coffee shop for a 'cuppa'.
Clare is an 'ass-kicking' female cop with lethal stare. She's married and silently struggles with the kids versus career debate.
Robert was a character who had me laughing. He's a fun-loving sarcastic cop, who just needs to move in with his girlfriend already.
Little do they know that the majority of recent disturbances they are dealing with, are the work of one crazed individual. 

The story-lines and characters all interconnect, whether they are simply passing each other on the street or happen to play the same video game online. It was a nice touch the story.
You know that feeling, when you are watching TV and you end up yelling 'Don't go in there' at the screen? I felt this way reading 'Underneath'. Every time the cops casually encountered Hugh, I wanted to yell 'Arrest the Weirdo' (Which I am glad I didn't because surely someone may have carted me off for yelling at a book)
While this is a more serious read, the author uses a lot of witty sarcasm and humor throughout the novel, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. It didn't detract from the seriousness of the subject matter and just added that extra element to the characters. (Who doesn't bite their tongue and hold back on a good sarcastic tongue lashing?) There is nothing like good British humor and sarcasm to keep me entertained! (Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais....and now Michael Cargill to name a few!) 

A strong message to take away from this novel? People aren't always what they seem. You never know what lay beneath the surface!

Watch the Book Trailer for Underneath! The music captures the creep factor of Hugh rather well!

Visit Michael Cargill's Blog !

All in all, 'Underneath' is a relatively short read and enjoyable thriller to pass the time with, and I think YOU should give it a read! In fact, the author has generously told me to pass the story on with 10 free e-book giveaway copies!


**The first 10 people to email me ( will receive an ebook copy.
**Send me your name and in the subject title write 'UNDERNEATH'
**Open to residents of Canada, United States, and United Kingdom 
**You will require a Smashwords account to claim your copy, it is a free, easy and great account to have for avid readers to access thousands of books by Indie Authors!
I will remove this offer when all 10 books are claimed.


Happy Reading!!


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  1. This is definitely one of my favourite reviews, that I have received so far!

    Glad you liked it.