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Friday, 13 July 2012

A Suspenseful MUST read ~ Unauthorized Access!

If I could describe my next recommended read in one word, it would be.......


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Unauthorized Access by Andrew McAllister is a novel that needs to be catapulted into the "Bookish Big Leagues" (aka Best Sellers lists) Another debut author who has delivered and I will be reading this novel again!

Honestly, I am so excited about this novel I don't even know where to begin!

Here is the book description from Amazon:

 "Young computer programmer Rob Donovan receives an emergency call from his boss at the First Malden Bank in Boston after the first successful cyber attack in American banking history scrambles thousands of account records. First Malden’s survival is on the line as furious customers and voracious reporters descend on the bank. Rob is part of the team trying to fix the damage, until the FBI charges him with the crime and brings his world crashing down. Facing prison time and the loss of his fiancée Lesley, Rob’s only chance of reclaiming his life lies in cutting through a web of mistrust and betrayal to uncover the startling truth behind the attack."

When I read that excerpt, I was immediately hooked. It sounded like it had page turner potential. I was not disappointed!

Why was that? Well read on....

From page one I was impressed with Mr. McAllister's writing style. It was descriptive, witty and overall had a great flow. The character dialogue was natural, and you almost felt immersed IN the story, rather than just reading it. This book would make an amazing movie! (Listen up Hollywood!)
It's a book that while entertains, certainly makes you think! In this day in age with terrorism, cyber-theft, and relying on technology are YOU prepared should your bank suddenly be sent into a panic? This book may have you hollowing out a teddy bear for stashing emergency funds. (Sorry Ted!)

 The story is told with all key players points of view. Watching their stories unfold from the start always adds that extra thrill. It helped build the novel into an amazing climax with a fantastic ending!

The lead character Rob Donovan is one of the most 'down to earth' characters I have ever read as a lead in a suspense or thriller. He doesn't have the skills of a cop, FBI agent or that of which you typically see in the role of a hero. (I could probably handle a gun better than this guy)  The struggle he endures throughout the book is close to home as what any human being put in that position would go through. It's a very realistic portrayal, and it's enough to put knots in your stomach.
Can you imagine being accused of a crime and not one single person believes you, including those you love?
How do you think you or your loved ones would react in a situation where you are cleverly framed?

Lesley McGrath is not only Rob's fiancée, but her uncle is Rob's boss (The Bank CEO), and she is a news reporter for a local television station. (Oh what a tangled web we weave...) Her situation is tremendously complicated. How do you cope when you may not know your partner as well as you think? How do you maintain your professionalism and bias at your job, when two people you love are involved in the biggest story making headlines?

Tim Whitlock is Rob's best friend and coworker. Scheming, mislead and delusional are all appropriate descriptions for his character. Passive Aggressive to the core, he is by far one of the more complex and interesting characters in the story. His emotions and involvement in events are twisted. Not the kind of friend you want at all.You'll end up loving to hate him.

Stan Dysart is Lesley's uncle and President and CEO of the First Malden Bank. He's a shrewd businessman who loves his family, and his business and will do what it takes to ensure his bank and customers (even niece) are taken care of. He was one of my favorite characters...both lovable and sly. Following his particular storyline made the story that much better.

One word to describe the relationships and portrayal in the novel: Real.

 I can be picky about the conclusion of my novels, that is why I am extremely pleased with how this book ended. I won't spoil it for you at all. You have to read it and see why I am thrilled! The only teaser you get is after the amazing climactic scenes, the ending was brilliant! Perfect! The Epilogue was my favorite, right down to the final sentence. Unlike most books I have read, I couldn't exactly 'see' where this was going, and I like it that way.The author keeps the reader on his/her toes.

One word to describe the conclusion: Satisfying

It's not a book that you can easily put down (Yes... I am enthusiastic, deal with it)  I have several people in mind who I know will enjoy suspense and thrillers (**cough** DAD **cough**) and I am going to make sure they pick one up! I am completely championing Andrew McAllister and look forward to his next novel! Click here to find a copy in paperback or kindle edition!

NOW that I have convinced you that this book is for you.... It's time for some fun!!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm Reenie! I'm looking forward to finding out who wins the giveaway draw so I can get a book headed in their direction :o)
    All the best,

  2. You are very welcome!! I'm excited to draw the winner and let them read your book for themselves!!

  3. I cannot wait to read this book and Reenie your blog is awesome! Keeps me coming back for more. :)