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Friday, 6 July 2012

Hot In Handcuffs

Not too long ago my 8 year old daughter came running to me all excited shrieking ‘Mommy, these are so cool! Can I keep them?’

You can imagine the look of shock and horror on my face when I saw the item she was holding. It was a gag gift I'd received about 11 years ago from a friend. (YES it was a gag gift!!) A pair of fuzzy purple handcuffs that had long been forgotten in a bedroom drawer. (Oh 'Shut Up' all of you who don't believe me! I don't even know where the keys are!)

‘No Naomi, you may not keep them.... and you really shouldn’t be in the drawers in my room, they are private’ I responded.

“But my friends and I could use them for playing!!” She whined. I shook my head NO and tried to control the irresistible urge to laugh. I told her to go put them back where she found them.
 (I felt like I was on a hidden camera show) 

I thought she was about to leave to do as I asked when a light bulb went off in her head.

‘Mommy, why do you have handcuffs anyway?’
 (Well, sometimes when two people love each other they play good cop, bad cop... )

Thinking fast on my feet I responded “Well, you know how we always say if anyone ever broke into the house, that mommy would kick their butts right? Well, I need the handcuffs to help until the police arrive”
(My story and I'm sticking to it!)

“Mommy, but why are they fuzzy and purple?”
 (Are you still here? Don't you have a dance to make up? Some Wii games to play? Coloring to do? Put the cuffs back and forget they exist child!!!)

I replied “Well, that’s because I am a girl, and I think they are much prettier than boring old silver handcuffs”
(True Story)

Satisfied with that answer, she passed them to me, and took off.
(She bought it! Phew!)

A few points I need to make before moving on:
A) Gag gift or not, hide your 'toys' where the kids wont snoop.
B)  I need to find the keys.... *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
C) If Paul Walker or Ryan Reynolds break into my house anytime soon, I'm prepared!

A great gift for friends!

Stop laughing about my cuffs.... let's move on to a book with Handcuffs in the title!

If you are a "Mommy Porn" aficionado (or fancy to be one) you have probably heard of "Hot In Handcuffs". The book is a collection of three short stories by Shayla Black, Sylvia Day and Shiloh Walker.

I was in the mood for a lighter read to help me mellow out and relax. "Hot In Handcuffs" sounded like what the doctor ordered! (I swear the doctors scribble on the prescription said 'read porn'....either that or 'take penicillin'... potato..po-tat-o...whatever)

The rundown:

The first story "Arresting Desire" by Shayla Black involves characters named Jon Bocelli and Lucia DiStefano. He's a studly FBI agent, she's a young 25 year old virgin. Two years after they've last seen each other, he discovers she is still a virgin, but not for long if she can help it. Jon finds out Lucia is heading off to an erotic resort to 'give it up' to a random stranger, and he snaps. The two set out to solve the mystery regarding his brother and her father all the while giving into their lust once and for all! This novella is certainly a sexual fantasy if there ever was.
Short Story + Steamy Sex = Meeee-ow. 

 Sylvia Day is the author of the second novella "On Fire" (Yes, yes it is!) The title says it all. Ms. Day had a bit more 'meat' (for lack of a better term) to the story than the previous. She tells the tale of Fire Inspector Darcy Michaels, who ends up in a whirlwind relationship with the sexy Deputy U.S. Marshal sent to help solve the arson case plaguing her town. Jared Cameron is unlike the men she typical gets involved with. What should be a one night stand, becomes a blazing hot, passion-filled relationship. Talk about sparks! I love how the two decide to hook up. (You'll have to read the story to find out how it happened!)
The novella is a hot sex fest, with a decent story line. I enjoyed it from start to finish!

Last but not least "The Unwilling" by Shiloh Walker surprised me. It wasn't as sexual as the first two. (Which isn't too bad, as by the second story you probably need a cold shower, fresh batteries and need to let your lover rest!) The story is about two psychics and former lovers. A Lieutenant named Mica Greer and former FBI agent named Colby Mathis.The two are reunited 15 years later to hunt for a twisted serial killer. While getting inside the killers head, they realize that they are still in each others hearts. I liked the concept and enjoyed the story. I wish it had been longer. Sometimes I found the story to be confusing, I wish I had more background on the characters and understood their psychic abilities more. It took some getting used to.

All in all "Hot In Handcuffs" is a novel that will leave you saying 'Hawt Damn!' and may have you purchasing your own set of cuffs. If you are looking for a pool side 'smokin' hot' read, you can add this novel to your list!

While you check out the book, I'm off to find those keys! ;)

Happy Reading!


  1. There's a little lever on the side of the handcuffs that'll unlock them without a key. Kids toy handcuffs have the same thing in case they lose the keys.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Will have to look for it! ;)

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  3. After reading fifty shades and Bared to you, I was looking for the next good book to read. Thanks for the suggestion!