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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Unauthorized Access 2.0 ~ Event! Interview! Giveaway!

When you believe in a book and an author so much, what do you do?

Promote, Promote, PROMOTE.

 Yes, I have talked about 'Unauthorized Access' before, twice actually (but who's counting) however.. I have some exciting and fun stuff to share!!!

If you have no idea about this novel I have declared 'Phenomenal' than please click this link to read my original blog review!
So why all the fuss? Why am I pushing this book at you AGAIN? (Well, for one, I can't exactly beat you over the head with it... saying 'Read me' 'Read me' so this will have to do!)
 Besides it being a MUST HAVE for your book collection, Unauthorized Access is celebrating a brand new cover!! 

 HOW exactly does one celebrate a brand new cover? By offering the e-book FREE for a THREE DAY event!! Andrew McAllister has graciously invited the world to read the suspenseful story he has created! Not just that...oh no...Not only can you get this gem for your Kindle for free at his event, please see the end of this blog for a print edition GIVEAWAY! (I really sound like a used car salesman, eh?)

On March 6th thru to March 8th Unauthorized Access will be FREE for Kindle on!!!

If you are on FACEBOOK than please RSVP to the event using this link!!
(Tell Andrew I sent you!)

I recently interviewed Andrew McAllister where he discusses everything from the new cover, to how he got started writing. Even sharing his dream cast if Unauthorized Access were to become a movie!

Moi: What made you decide to give the book a fresh new look? Who designed the cover? 

Andrew McAllister: First of all, a big thanks to you, Reenie, for featuring me on your blog once again. You’re a wonderful supporter of indie authors and it is much appreciated! (You are very welcome Andrew!)

I work with Thomas K. Matthews Illustration out of San Diego. The original book cover for Unauthorized Access was purposely designed to have the look and feel of an old-fashioned pulp fiction paperback, with an edgy feel to it. After doing numerous book signings and other public events, however, I decided I would rather present a modern look and feel, more consistent with the story and with today’s thriller genre. I couldn’t be happier with the result! And so far reader response to the new cover has been amazing.

Moi: What was the process like?

Andrew McAllister: The process was amazingly interactive, despite the fact that I live 3,000 miles from San Diego. First we brainstormed a few general concepts that we thought might work on the cover, basically drawing from scenes in the book. We thought of a young woman running through the woods at night, for instance. We finally settled on an urban look because that matches the story. Then Tom Matthews worked up several concept covers, using different images, color schemes, layouts, typefaces, and so on.

We settled on the one we liked the best and then had a series of interactive work sessions. That was a blast! Through the magic of Skype and email we were able to work as if we were in the same room. We fiddled and tweaked the details until the result satisfied both of us. The process took a few weeks but I feel like the result is well worth it!

Moi: Do you have any other novels or plans for one in the works?

Andrew McAllister: Absolutely. I try to avoid saying too much about my works in progress because I have a tendency to think out loud and paint myself into a corner. I don’t want to decide I’d like to go in a different direction with some part of the story, and then feel like I can’t because I already mentioned a particular detail publicly. The book is another thriller, though, in a similar vein as Unauthorized Access. There is plenty of raw emotion and uncertainty over how the characters can possibly end up okay. The main character is a college student who reaches out over the Internet to someone he has never met, hoping this stranger can help him out of his situation. His message? “I think someone is trying to kill me.”

Moi: What inspired the novel Unauthorized Access?

Andrew McAllister: Some number of years ago the itch to write a novel became so great that I couldn’t possibly ignore it, so I started spending my idle moments wondering about story ideas. Besides being a writer, I am also a computer scientist, so I had a vague idea that the story should have an Information Technology angle. They say to write what you know, right? Then one day I was listening to an interview with an Internet security expert on public radio. “Can you imagine what would happen,” he said, “if someone managed to take down the systems at a bank?” His remark got me imagining exactly that scenario, and Unauthorized Access was born.

My first decision was that the book wasn’t going to be a story about the cyberattack, but rather about the people affected by the attack. I was thrilled when one reviewer commented on this, saying that Unauthorized Access “…may have a computer-based premise, but the novel is entirely the story of the protagonists, not their computers.”

Moi: When did you begin writing?

Andrew McAllister: For me, writing began as a natural spinoff of reading. I was a voracious reader growing up, and I still am. The idea of writing didn’t occur to me, however, until I was an adult. Then one day the idea just strolled fully formed into my brain. “You’d like to be a novelist,” the idea informed me. I agreed, and we’ve been partners ever since. I started the way most writers do, with short stories, writing contests, and writing classes. I’m still quite fond of the short-short story that was a contest winner with Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

Then one day I decided to take the plunge and write a novel. After that initial effort crashed and burned, I picked myself up, dusted off my ego, and had another go. Before long I was working on Unauthorized Access.

Moi: You are an avid reader. Can you share your biggest literary influences?

Andrew McAllister: I’m an omnivore when it comes to books. I’ll read just about anything if it has conflict and can hook me enough to keep turning the pages. I have to admit, though, that my fave reads are action and suspense. I love World War II history, so authors like Alistair MacLean, Jack Higgins, and Ken Follett are naturals for me. In fact, an audio book version of Follett’s The Key to Rebecca is currently plugged into my car stereo. Other notable reads that come to mind are Jaws by Peter Benchley (which I read in a single sitting), The Godfather by Mario Puzo, and everything by Stephen King. The Stand is my favorite book of all time.

The bulk of my reading over the years, however, and the greatest influence on my writing has been the work of thriller writers like John Grisham, Lee Child, David Baldacci, and Christopher Reich, to name just a few. I love it when characters are thrown into terrible messes and must scratch and claw their way back some semblance of normality.

Moi: You have had so many wonderful 5 star reviews. Can you describe that moment when you read the first one?

Andrew McAllister: You know, if there is one aspect of the published novelist experience that has surprised me the most, it might be online reviews. Some of my expectations turned out to be true, for instance that reviews have become an important “currency” by which an ebook is judged while someone is considering whether to read it.

One thing that surprised me, though, was that almost everyone who reviewed Unauthorized Access on Amazon or Goodreads has reached out to me beforehand. People have sent me emails, Facebook posts, text messages, even phone calls to let me know how much they enjoyed the book. The idea of writing a review often comes up as part of these conversations, and once the idea has been broached, most people are happy to help out by writing a short review.

My first 5 star review followed an email I received from a young Canadian college student who was traveling in Europe last summer. She downloaded Unauthorized Access onto her Kindle on a recommendation from one of her girlfriends. She ended up reading the entire book in a single sitting while on a long train ride. It was a delightful feeling to have that email pop up in my inbox. In some sense this type of feedback is a validation of years worth of effort.

Moi: Are there any genre’s you enjoy that people might be surprised about?

Andrew McAllister: Like I said, I’ll read anything that holds my interest, but it’s usually more about the individual book than the genre. I’ve never been much into romance books, but I recently read On The Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves. It was wonderful! The first night I started reading it I was up half the night. In this case the cliché was true – I couldn’t put it down. I also truly enjoyed The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I’m not sure if reading two books is enough to classify me as a romance-aholic, but I can certainly appreciate some books in the genre.

Moi: As I mentioned in my blog, I could picture Unauthorized Access as a Hollywood Blockbuster. If that were to happen, who could you see in the lead roles?? Cast your movie!!

Andrew McAllister: It makes me happy that you’re not the only person who has suggested the idea of a movie. Of course that’s the kind of validation only a few authors ever get to enjoy. It’s fun to dream, though, so here goes.

I should start with Rob and Lesley, the young couple who are also the two main protagonists. I’ve described Rob as having dark, spiky hair, so I thought someone like Josh Hutcherson would look the part. For Lesley I chose Odette Annable. What a handsome couple! Do they look like they belong together or what?

Tim Whitlock is the same age, but he’s a complex character, a little on the geeky end of the spectrum, with many different sides to his personality. My bet is that Michael Cera could pull that off.

Stan Dysart is the bank president. He’s charming, professional, and ultra capable, but he’s no shrinking violet. He has a surprisingly ruthless side that not every reader sees coming. I’m going with the very distinguished Eric Roberts.

Then there’s the ultimate menacing bad guy, Ray Landry, who also has a cultured side. One look at Jason Statham’s face and you know he could pull off that role!

Finally in Chapter 1 the reader meets Mary, Stan Dysart’s capable office manager. Who better to play this role than our very own Reenie!

(I would LOVE to! Have my people contact your people!!) ;)


Do you want to own your own print edition of Unauthorized Access compliments of the author?? I have ONE up for grabs and if you ask my previous winner (or the people I have gifted this book too) they will tell you 'it's goooood!'

The rules are simple:

Open to residents of Canada & the United States.

One Entry Per Person.

You can enter one of two ways!!

Email me your name, age and province/state at to enter OR visit my Facebook Page and send me a message with the same information.

Contest Closes March 9th at 7pm EST.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fame, Love and Other Lessons

 "I'd like to thank the Academy......My hairdresser for making me look even awesomer than I am..., my pet hamster..., that guy over there..... Pepto Bismal for making cherry flavored tablets.....You LIKE me!! You really like me!!!" #SpeechesIGiveInfrontOfTheMirror #WithAHairbrush #BecauseICan

I'm not famous. (I know! Bummer... right?)
I always wanted to be an actress when I grew up. Gave that dream up yeeeeeeeears ago. (My apologies to Hollywood)

My apologies also go to those people who's yearbooks I signed 'Here's my autograph, remember me when I'm famous'... you won't be cashing in on my signature anytime soon.

So what does me rambling on about lost dreams have to do with a book blog?

I'll cut to the chase... I read a book last weekend and the subject matter is that of a relationship that is put to the test.

"Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce to you..........."

               Fame, Love and Other Lessons by Jo Frances.



My Take:

For me, this was a very quick read. I finished it within a couple of hours (plus interruptions, apparently dinner does not make itself!)

This tells the tale of a girl named Jamie who is a freshman in college, she ends up in a romance with a University basketball sensation (and friend of her brother) named Chase.
We follow the two as they start their romance, and as they become famous along the way.

I really enjoyed the concept. It was pretty fascinating watching the two characters as they go from regular people, to famous ones. The story had some great details that made it interesting. (For example adding in another possible love interest for Jamie....*gasp*) The characters were amusing, Jamie had this innocent yet strong quality about her that I liked. In her actions and reactions she really reminded me of people I know.

A few things had me having to re-read to keep on track. The story progresses rather quickly. There were a few moments where I was confused as to how much time had passed between events. For example there was a part I thought a few days had just passed, when it had really been over a summer. I wasn't expecting such a large gap in time.
I think I would have preferred either chapter titles that included the dates, or a bit more 'fill' to the pages to transition the story seamlessly.
My biggest complaint was also 'my' usual (which in reality IS a compliment....)
I wanted the story to keep going..... more, more..... MORE... I felt it ended too soon. I would have loved to have seen Sean re-enter the picture and stir things up a a bit more, or perhaps add a few more twists and turns. More interactions with characters that we had met along the way and subsequently dropped....

And for you vixens who search for a little naughtiness in your novels, I will let you know that there a few erotic bits and bites to the story. (not a lot that it should turn people off reading it)

On a side note as I read this novel I was continuously humming 'Queen Of Hollywood' by The Corrs (Great Song! Google it!)  The lyrics don't exactly match the events in the novel, but it was in my head nonetheless. (Okay, so that really has nothing to do with anything, but I thought I would share.)

 All in all, I will read this book again.

Here is the full book description from

When college freshman Jamie Cameron began a first-love relationship with Chase Reston, the bad boy star of her school's basketball team, she had no idea how quickly her world would change.  From an idyllic environment surrounded by a protective older brother and loyal friends, to the fast-paced world of modeling and life as an NBA player, Jamie and Chase quickly discover that the first casualty of their relationship.
After their breakup, a heartbroken Chase struggles with the demons that caused him to push away the only girl he ever loved.  Meanwhile, Jamie tries to move on from betrayal by quickly becoming involved with Sean Foley, a jaded rock star used to getting anything he wants, and what he wants is Jamie.
But this is no casual fling for Sean.  Tired of the emptiness in his life, he knows he can give Jamie the love and commitment she wants.  As Chase watches all this unfold through the tabloids, he has to decide:  does he love Jamie enough to let her go on with her new life?  Or will he risk his heart and ask her to take another chance on him?

I recommend it to those who like basketball, modeling/Hollywood life, sexy or romantic reads.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Speeding Tickets GIVEAWAY!!!!

                             ****Giveaway Now Closed!!!****

                                                         Congrats to our winner Bethany W.! 

                                                             Thanks to all those who entered!!

I previously blogged about Speeding Tickets and now here is YOUR chance to win it!! If you are interested in a light, fun romance with a bit of mystery, than this GIVEAWAY is for you! (Who doesn't like a free book?)

Win This!

                                               **Prize Includes** 

                  1 Print Edition of 'Speeding Tickets' signed by author Valley Brown
                                                         2 cat fridge magnets 

Did you miss the blog and wonder what exactly this novel is about? Here is the link for my review!

Open ONLY to residents of Canada and the United States. (sorry everyone else, it's a shipping thing!)
One Entry Per Person


It's so simple. Email me at with your name, age and province/state and I will enter you in a draw!

Contest Closes on February 28th 2013 at 7pm EST!
All entries will be placed in a draw to be held as soon as the contest closes. The winner will be announced via my Facebook Page and contacted by Email!

                                                         Good Luck!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love is in the air......

Hearts, Roses, Chocolate... A baby that shoots arrows at people......


In honor of all this lovey dovey hoopla, I thought it would be a good idea to share some favorite love inspired books!

What girl/woman hasn't picked up a romance novel, read it, sighed and wished for her knight in shining armor (and if you have one, you have probably glared at him and said 'you know would it KILL you to be a bit more romantic!?)

Let's face it, we LOVE the idea of a hopelessly romantic stud muffin, sweeping us off our feet.....(Oh shut up, you do too!! Liar!!) and like the typical romance novel formula, he will be tall, outrageously handsome, rich, powerful, muscular, (and if you are still hung up on Christian Grey he will also knows his way around a feathered whip)
Real life isn't like that, but God bless those who try! (Am I right!?)

In any case, curling up with a love story is an enjoyable past time.

I obviously have quite a variety of authors and books to chose from. I simply cannot choose a favorite. I do however have several romantic series that stand out to me that I re-read over and over again.....

Since I can never get enough Historical Romance, today I am going to share with you one of my favorite Historical Romance's series by one of my favorite writers..... New York Times Best Selling Author Brenda Joyce!

No cinnamon hearts were harmed in the taking of this photo. I ate them afterwards.

The De Warenne Dynasty novels whisk us back in time to Ireland and England.  The stories that unfold are the lives of not only the De Warrene's and O'Neill's but the men and women with whom they fall in love. It is  family legend that once a De Warrene loves, that it lasts forever. (sigh)

As it is with most series, it is probably best to read the books IN order since the characters pop up throughout. Naturally, I like to do things outside the norm (I'm a rebel like that!) So I read them in the order of: Which of these novels can I get my hands on first!!!
My husband thought I was nuts when I had to track down used copies online because they are hard to find in bookstores.

Picture it: My house....the year.....2010.....

"How was your day honey?"

"OHMYGOD I found The Perfect Bride today and it's shipping out tomorrow!!!!" (True story)

I was just happy when I could get my hands on one!!

The first novel I had read that kicked off my De Warrene obsession is called 'The Masquerade'.
 It's about a girl named Elizabeth who is the chubbier, less beautiful sister. She has had a crush on Lord Tyrell De Warrene forever, so when he wants to meet her for a rendezvous at a party... well, who can resist?
A baby is thrown into the mix (oh but you will never guess how, it isn't what you think!!) and let's just say this love story gets interesting......

I have read The Masquerade several times, and I will again.

Other titles in the De Warrene Series that I own and love are:

A Lady At Last
The Stolen Bride
The Promise
The Perfect Bride
The Prize
A Dangerous Love
An Impossible Attraction
House of Dreams 

The ones I still have yet to get my hands on:

The Conqueror
Promise of The Rose
The Game
Scandalous Love

The books are wonderfully written, I love how they all tie together so the story just keeps going. The characters aren't necessarily perfect.
For those who cower in fear at the thought of reading a historical romance, if you ARE going to attempt one to see what the fuss is about, I highly recommend you give Brenda Joyce and the De Warrene Dynasty a try!!

I have so much I could tell you about plots and story lines of these books, but this blog would turn into a novel! So see the above link!

I recently asked the following question on my Facebook Page:

"What is your favorite romance novel?"

Here is what you had to say!

** Jane Eyre ~ Sarah
** Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin. I loved her books! ~ Amanda

**  Most of Nicholas Sparks.Guaranteed a good cry. beautiful ~Barb

 **Gone with the Wind! Rhett loved Scarlett so much! He tried everything to get her to love him back but by the time she realized that she loved him and not Ashley, he had given up. *sob* ~Brenna

**The Angelic Letter Series by Henry Ripplinger... I love every single book of the series! It shows everything of Love & Faith! Its so heartfelt & moving. How much God is in our lives & in every move we make. These books show True Love for Henry & Jenny & how even through the hardtimes their love never failed because deep down true love isnt all a fairy tale but fighting through joy & hardtimes & never losing that faith is . & it also shows our true love for God! I love these books & find they are #1 on my list Xoxoxo Happy Valentine Day!!!! ~ Lindsey

** The Argeneau Series by Lynsay Sands. Most of the books are based in Ontario Canada ~ Sandra

 ** Probably a toss up between 'The Brotherhood of the Black Dagger' series by J.R. Ward because every single book has something about falling in love with your other half and about how it's not always who you expect but when you bond with someone, reason goes out the window. Also anything written by Laurell K. Hamilton whether it's the Merry Gentry series or the Anita Blake series, because she writes about how love isn't always perfect but when you love someone you shouldn't have to explain it to anyone-- just love who you love. ~Megan

***Big Shout Out To Everyone Who Answered!!!***

Now I don't care whether you are single, not single, wishing to be single, taken, married or what....remember you don't need a partner to buy you a present! After all, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a romantic read (or two) as a gift! ;) 

Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Just The Way You Are by Barbara Freethy

 Dear Barbara Freethy,

If you ever read this, I just want you to know......
You stole my Saturday! I would demand it back, but I really enjoyed the story you told! ;)



I made a trip to the salon this weekend. I decided it was time for a change. My hair has been long, blonde and boring for a while now. I decided enough was enough. I booked myself in with my fabulous hairdresser (Are you reading this? I am testing you!! xoxo) excited to bring about a sassy change. (As I type this, I am now a brunette with a short choppy bob!)

While waiting for the color to take, I drank some tea, pulled out my iPhone to see what I had waiting for me on my Kindle App!

If I had known how addictive this book would be to me, I would have probably chose to read it on a day with less distractions!

'Just The Way You Are' is a novel that revolves around a complicated (and page turning) love triangle.

 Allison Tucker winds up pregnant at 18 with her sisters boyfriend, they end up marrying....(yes you read that right) Naturally this would open a whole can of worms, and nine years later (when the story takes place) it's time to air all that dirty laundry. She's older now and no longer wants to waste her life with someone she thinks is with her because of a child.

Tessa MacGuire is a supermodel who besides losing her boyfriend at a young age, hates her sister for being an annoying man stealer. She refuses to ever step foot in Tucker's Landing again, but when her Grandmother has a stroke, she has no choice to go home, face her past and the two treacherous people in it.

Sam Tucker is caught between two sisters. He's a good guy who made a stupid drunken mistake. He puts responsibility before his heart, and now it is coming back to bite him in the ass. It's time for him to figure out what he wants out of life.

Jimmy Duggan... Oh Jimmy, the friendly photographer who has an assignment with Tessa. He shows up to offer his support and from behind the camera can figure out exactly what the three are thinking and need... I love this character! He's like cupid, but with a camera.

 I really could relate a bit to some of the topics that come up in the story. (Not the whole sister-boyfriend- love triangle bit) I had a baby young and out of wedlock. I understand the emotions and fears that surround every decision made afterwards. I over analyzed everything. (just like Allison does in this book) Lucky for me, everything worked out amazing and I am very blessed. My daughters are and always will be THE best thing that has ever happened to me. I have my husband to thank for them! The only regret I have about that time period in my life is giving into the cheeseburger and cake cravings during my first pregnancy. (Seriously, would it have killed someone to tell me you don't really need to eat for two?)
That said, while the story in this book is not parallel with my life, it frightens me how much Alli resembles me at times. She freakishly acts, (overreacts) thinks and behaves like me. (Oh see, now you are going to buy the book to see what the heck I am talking about) Have you ever read a novel where you are like 'Holy crap, it's like the author was in my head, I could play that character in my sleep....' ...Well if they are EVER casting the role of Alli.... (Pick Me! Pick Me!)

My little story aside, I have to ask....

Who hasn't at some point in their lives sat back and thought 'What If...?'
Asking that question doesn't make you a bad person. It means you're human.You can't let it take over your life like the characters in this book do. (Ha! Easier said than done sometimes!) It's not healthy. Face your fears head on and learn from your mistakes.
Now, I am not here to really get into how complicated life can be, so let's knock the philosophical stuff off and get back to the review..... 

I literally could not stop reading this book. I was terrified my iPhone battery would die and I would have to charge it before finding out what happened. Who does Sam choose? His Wife and mother of his child or his First Love?

That said, not only did I finish it.... but I decided to immediately read it again. (Hey! What can I say... I like the story!)

Just The Way You Are isn't the first novel by Barbara Freethy I have read and it certainly won't be the last! (I may have to add her to my growing list of favorite authors)
I like her style. The situations are human, even though it is a love story, at times the book feels very anti-romantic in some ways and I looooove that! I really enjoyed the 'life's little lessons' aspect to the book, as well as the plot and the characters. It's no wonder Barbara Freethy is a New York Times Best Selling Author!

 If you need a beach, bubble bath, bedtime or rainy day romantic read. Pick up Just The Way You Are, or any one of her other books.

Happy Reading!

(for those of you who are like...oooooh sounds like a great book... but what about this hair change.....well these pics are for you.....) ;)

Blonde Before

Brunette After

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Speeding Tickets ~ Valley Brown


Okay..... so my body is suffering through a cold Canadian winter, but if you can tell by my greeting..... my mind is actually on an island.....
No tropics for me this year (Go ahead, pity me.....)

I am really trying to get back to reading (and blogging more) it's been hard with so much going on (stay tuned, I am sure I will tell you more eventually) but the good news is, I have completed another book for review.

I took a little 'me' day today with the purpose of finishing a book I started earlier this week. I was successful! Hoorah!
My much earned prize for completing such a 'me' task is a glass of wine.... only after I clean up the dinner mess and do the dishes.....

So what book did I take the time out to read?

One that I have had in my position for quite awhile now. 'Speeding Tickets' by Valley Brown.

Book One of 'The Rocky Road' Series, Speeding Tickets is a story about a widow named Christine (aka Chris) who decides to take up motorcycles as a bit of a hobby. She meets a handsome biker named Doug and the attraction is intense....

Here is the book description from

Speeding Tickets is a contemporary romantic suspense novel centered around recently widowed Christine Cassler, whose journey through trauma and tragedy is intermixed with the hope of finding love once more. She is hardly prepared for a tumultuous romance with a mysterious handsome biker, though, and when she uncovers a scheme of deceit and embezzlement at work, it threatens not only her second chance at happiness, but also her very life.

My Take:

Christine is just trying to figure out life after her husband. After three years, she is just trying to move on and accept the fact that she still has some bounce in her step. It's time she made some changes. (Who hasn't been there? My hair appointment is this Saturday) She lives alone with her cat, works as a secretary and hangs out with her sister-in-law.

Doug's character threw me off. I honestly had to keep reminding myself he wasn't under the age of 30. (Ageism at it's best) It's not until you start hearing more about his life, that you finally realize he is older and has lived. I don't want to say too much about him, it's best you read the novel and get to know him that way.

I'm not going to lie, as the story went on I fixated on the how very vulnerable and 'young' the characters were for their ages. Their love story was remarkably like that of a teenaged couple.
It made for an interesting read, a mix of innocence and naughty (Now now, this is no where near a kinky romance like 50 Shades, so no getting your panties in a knot)

The way the book was written, while it isn't a 'heavy' novel at all, it did keep me on my toes a bit. I think it was just the combination of the features.I honestly didn't know what to really expect next.
It ended up being a fun, light and casual read. I thought at times, 'oh okay, it's going to get a bit sexual' and than it wasn't. (damnit!!) Now I'm not saying that in a 'bad' way.... but I will go so far to say that if the book was human, it would be a tease! All sexy talk, little action. I do wish though it had pushed the romantic limits a biiiiiiiiit more.

The mysterious side story with Rob the creepy boss had a surprise outcome. I didn't really know what the chocolate gifting, money thief was really up to... and I felt that way right until the end. That said, I think the story line needed a bit more meat on it's bones. It had a good base, I liked how it kept me from actually knowing how the end would play out, but I do wish we had somehow met his wife.

My favorite part happened to be the twist in the novel. I saw it coming a mile away, but I was excited to find out I was right! **spoiler alert possible with next comment** One thing I love in a novel is when something comes full circle! (If you read the first chapter of book you will understand why that is a spoiler)

All in all, this 'play it safe' romance is one you can recommend to your mom, but read yourself as well. 

I will be checking out the next book in the series. Let's see what happens to Chris and Doug next!

Happy Reading!