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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love is in the air......

Hearts, Roses, Chocolate... A baby that shoots arrows at people......


In honor of all this lovey dovey hoopla, I thought it would be a good idea to share some favorite love inspired books!

What girl/woman hasn't picked up a romance novel, read it, sighed and wished for her knight in shining armor (and if you have one, you have probably glared at him and said 'you know would it KILL you to be a bit more romantic!?)

Let's face it, we LOVE the idea of a hopelessly romantic stud muffin, sweeping us off our feet.....(Oh shut up, you do too!! Liar!!) and like the typical romance novel formula, he will be tall, outrageously handsome, rich, powerful, muscular, (and if you are still hung up on Christian Grey he will also knows his way around a feathered whip)
Real life isn't like that, but God bless those who try! (Am I right!?)

In any case, curling up with a love story is an enjoyable past time.

I obviously have quite a variety of authors and books to chose from. I simply cannot choose a favorite. I do however have several romantic series that stand out to me that I re-read over and over again.....

Since I can never get enough Historical Romance, today I am going to share with you one of my favorite Historical Romance's series by one of my favorite writers..... New York Times Best Selling Author Brenda Joyce!

No cinnamon hearts were harmed in the taking of this photo. I ate them afterwards.

The De Warenne Dynasty novels whisk us back in time to Ireland and England.  The stories that unfold are the lives of not only the De Warrene's and O'Neill's but the men and women with whom they fall in love. It is  family legend that once a De Warrene loves, that it lasts forever. (sigh)

As it is with most series, it is probably best to read the books IN order since the characters pop up throughout. Naturally, I like to do things outside the norm (I'm a rebel like that!) So I read them in the order of: Which of these novels can I get my hands on first!!!
My husband thought I was nuts when I had to track down used copies online because they are hard to find in bookstores.

Picture it: My house....the year.....2010.....

"How was your day honey?"

"OHMYGOD I found The Perfect Bride today and it's shipping out tomorrow!!!!" (True story)

I was just happy when I could get my hands on one!!

The first novel I had read that kicked off my De Warrene obsession is called 'The Masquerade'.
 It's about a girl named Elizabeth who is the chubbier, less beautiful sister. She has had a crush on Lord Tyrell De Warrene forever, so when he wants to meet her for a rendezvous at a party... well, who can resist?
A baby is thrown into the mix (oh but you will never guess how, it isn't what you think!!) and let's just say this love story gets interesting......

I have read The Masquerade several times, and I will again.

Other titles in the De Warrene Series that I own and love are:

A Lady At Last
The Stolen Bride
The Promise
The Perfect Bride
The Prize
A Dangerous Love
An Impossible Attraction
House of Dreams 

The ones I still have yet to get my hands on:

The Conqueror
Promise of The Rose
The Game
Scandalous Love

The books are wonderfully written, I love how they all tie together so the story just keeps going. The characters aren't necessarily perfect.
For those who cower in fear at the thought of reading a historical romance, if you ARE going to attempt one to see what the fuss is about, I highly recommend you give Brenda Joyce and the De Warrene Dynasty a try!!

I have so much I could tell you about plots and story lines of these books, but this blog would turn into a novel! So see the above link!

I recently asked the following question on my Facebook Page:

"What is your favorite romance novel?"

Here is what you had to say!

** Jane Eyre ~ Sarah
** Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin. I loved her books! ~ Amanda

**  Most of Nicholas Sparks.Guaranteed a good cry. beautiful ~Barb

 **Gone with the Wind! Rhett loved Scarlett so much! He tried everything to get her to love him back but by the time she realized that she loved him and not Ashley, he had given up. *sob* ~Brenna

**The Angelic Letter Series by Henry Ripplinger... I love every single book of the series! It shows everything of Love & Faith! Its so heartfelt & moving. How much God is in our lives & in every move we make. These books show True Love for Henry & Jenny & how even through the hardtimes their love never failed because deep down true love isnt all a fairy tale but fighting through joy & hardtimes & never losing that faith is . & it also shows our true love for God! I love these books & find they are #1 on my list Xoxoxo Happy Valentine Day!!!! ~ Lindsey

** The Argeneau Series by Lynsay Sands. Most of the books are based in Ontario Canada ~ Sandra

 ** Probably a toss up between 'The Brotherhood of the Black Dagger' series by J.R. Ward because every single book has something about falling in love with your other half and about how it's not always who you expect but when you bond with someone, reason goes out the window. Also anything written by Laurell K. Hamilton whether it's the Merry Gentry series or the Anita Blake series, because she writes about how love isn't always perfect but when you love someone you shouldn't have to explain it to anyone-- just love who you love. ~Megan

***Big Shout Out To Everyone Who Answered!!!***

Now I don't care whether you are single, not single, wishing to be single, taken, married or what....remember you don't need a partner to buy you a present! After all, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a romantic read (or two) as a gift! ;) 

Happy Valentines Day!

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