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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

While Beauty Slept ~ Elizabeth Blackwell

 For my first 'official' review back to blogging (see previous blog entry!)...... I had to go with this one!!

Who doesn't love a good fairy tale??
(Besides adults who grew up to realize the animals don't actually show up to help with housework....)

Growing up I was completely enchanted by the story of Sleeping Beauty. Why wouldn't I be??? She's a blonde haired princess who meets a handsome prince,  He kisses her, the get married.....**sigh**....even at seven years old I was already a hopeless romantic.
 I wanted to be Princess Aurora sooooooooo much that for whatever reason, I took a pencil and etched the words "Sleeping Buty" onto the wooden bathroom door in my childhood home.
Yikes!! Were my parents maaaaaaad!! Though it became a bit of a joke to those guests who actually noticed it...... "Going to the bathroom? Watch out!!! Should you sit too long you may end up with a sleeping 'butt'y"
I often wonder if the new owners of said home share in this hilarious tradition, or if they cussed me out and put a new door on......???

All my trips to Disney World as a child and I never got to meet my favorite princess....I was only able to see her from a distance. (Like, what the hell mom and dad?? Punishment for the door thing??)  It wasn't until we took our oldest daughter on a trip to Walt Disney World in early 2010 when I FINALLY got to meet her. I believe my husband was slightly embarrassed when I 'HAD' to have that moment ever immortalized in a photo....... but hey.... Everyone is entitled to be a seven year old child again when visiting the most magical place on Earth!!

This picture is titled 'Sleeping Beauty meets Sometimes Bitchy'

Enough about me, onto the novel that has inspired today's posting!

While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell practically jumped off the Romance Table at Indigo and chased me around the store. Based on the fairy tale this novel offers a different take on 'what really happened'..... I HAAAAD to have it.

Book Description:

I am not the sort of person about whom stories are told.
And so begins Elise Dalriss’s story. When she hears her great-granddaughter recount a minstrel’s tale about a beautiful princess asleep in a tower, it pushes open a door to the past, a door Elise has long kept locked. For Elise was the companion to the real princess who slumbered—and she is the only one left who knows what actually happened so many years ago. Her story unveils a labyrinth where secrets connect to an inconceivable evil. As only Elise understands all too well, the truth is no fairy tale.

My Take:


Such an fantastic take on the tale Sleeping Beauty with such a perfect ending!
I love how the author took the classic story and put her own spin on it through the eyes of Elise....
I found it to be a lovely but tragic version, and I really couldn't sense which way the author was going with the story....(It was nice not figuring out the ending of a novel for once)
I usually complain about books being too short or too long, I felt this one was just right. The story was told just as it needed to be and I really did love the ending.
As the novel follows our lead protagonist, we see her grow, mature and survive. Elise makes her decisions based at first on survival, but than on love...(and not romantic love) Her character is one to admire. She's loyal, caring, intelligent, determined and brave. Even as she learns about her past, she doesn't let her heritage or her station in life define her.
The story spans several years, from before Princess Rose's birth to the dreaded curse by the nasty Mallicent.
This is not the type of book where I am about to give away any secrets/spoilers or give you any more details!
You need to find yourself a copy and find our for yourself the enchanting fairy tale that Elizabeth Blackwell has spun.

This novel is so clever and entertaining, it's certainly one that I will be able to read over and over again! I am sure you will too!


Visit The Author Page.

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Guess Who's Back?

It's me again Margaret....or Ashley....Or Kelly.....Andrew....or  **enter your name here**

Hello! Hey! How are ya!

For those of you who are familiar with my book blog and have been asking for new entries..... Good news!  I am here to serve.

For those of you who are new:  Welcome to where I ramble on about books ( and I do this using my really awful sense of humor-You've been warned)

I know it has been a long time (like since 2014!!!) since I posted an entry.

So let me get you updated on me! 

I'm still blonde. Still married. Still on "Mom Duty" 24/7. I am trying to remember if I have introduced you to my dog Otis yet, but that may very well be one of the reasons I have had to forgo my computer time. (Oh I think I have a good blog idea to introduce you to him!)
I'm still reading a ton, but I am now doing it in a different city and house.
For those of you who don't know me and are new to this blog, I am an avid reader, I much prefer books to film. My superpower is speed reading. Basically, like a lot of you, books are my thing and I can be a total nerd about it.

So since I wasn't on here where was I? 

I had a lot going on. Life inevitably takes over from time to time and usually the first things to take the hit are the hobbies. Mainly my hobbies. (Oh adulthood, you are a cruel beast....) I lost my focus and my drive for quite a long time. It's not fun, but it happens to the best of us.

 So what can you expect from this blog as it moves forward?

Well my dears..... First and foremost my unique (or not so unique) review style.
Whether the novel is New or Old, Mainstream or Indie, if I have read it then I want to blog about it. I love to drum up some noise about novels and see if it's something you may like.

At this time I will NOT be taking new author review requests. I have a back log of books and blogs so I would like to focus on getting them up and out of the way before I move on to new territory. I will however announce when I am ready to take on new novels.

From time to time, I may host a contest or an author interview.

Genres I love to focus on are: Paranormal, Horror, Romance, Distopian, Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary, "Mommy Porn", Historical (whether romance or not) Biographies, Thrillers and whatever else I come across that I like.
It's a wide variety.

I hope to host some guest book reviews as well.

I also have some new ideas... but lets get back into habit before I get a little crazy. (Baby steps)
So that's it for this post.

Your assignment shall you choose to accept it:

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I now have to go figure out which blog I am posting first......maybe dust this place off and vamp up the look, ads and everything else on here (Seriously, it's looking a bit too much like 2014 up in here)