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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Indie Books to Gift This Holiday Season!

Ho Ho Ho!!
The Holidays are upon us!
The countdown is on to Christmas!
With the season upon us, I thought I would put together a list of books that would make great stocking stuffers for the avid reader in your life! It doesn't matter if you celebrate this season or not, these novels would make amazing gifts no matter what the occasion!
I have chosen FIVE stand out novels by Indie Authors who I think (and KNOW) are wonderful storytellers that deserve recognition!I have tried to incorporate a genre for everyone and decided to stick with just five novels to keep this short and sweet. (Speaking of sweet be sure to check out Amanda's Blog for some delicious homemade fudge recipes!)
So let's just get started! Scroll down and see who I picked as my top five books to gift this season!

 For the Sexy Siren:

They've already read Fifty Shades, still waiting on the final book of the Crossfire why not try 'Giving It Up' by Amber Lin!
Here is a blurb from my blog review *Adult Content Warning*
Allie is a broken young woman who’s had a rough life. She has a sexy secret (Without beating around the bush- she’s a once a month slut) who's latest one night stand is not like the others.Usually in it for the 'wham bam- thank ya ma'am', the connection she has with this new man throws her. Colin makes her feel things she doesn't want to feel. He is her White Knight (or is he...?) Sexy secrets aside, she struggles to support her young daughter with the help of her best friend Shelly. Being in a relationship, trusting a man isn't what she wants to do. She tries to shake it off and move on without him. When her rapist shows back up in her life, her world is turned upside down. She's backed into a corner, and needs to figure out her 'shit' out and fast! (pardon my language) Maybe taking a leap of faith with Colin isn't such a bad idea after all....
Click this link for full description and my blog review!! 'Giving It Up' is a sexy page turner she will not want to put down! (Adult Content) Who needs mistletoe? Just buy a sexy book!
Find a copy on Amazon for her Kindle

For Young Adults or Young at Heart!

You need to take a trip to the magical world of 'Voluspa!' by Ray East and Sam D!  If you are looking to give a fun fantasy read, I highly recommend Voluspa!  As I said in my blog review, it reminds me of a Twilight, meets, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe....see for yourself!!!
Here's part of my review:
The romance between Amy and Drake while it is similar to Bella and Edward (Twilight) in my opinion it comes off with less sexual tension and more innocence. They have some obstacles to overcome. One very large one is the fact that being from two separate clans, they are forbidden to ever marry. A tough pill to swallow for soul mates. When Drake is captured, Amy doesn't care what it will take. She is determined to save him no matter what.
Naturally we have to wait for the other books to see how their relationship progresses.

Only 99cents on Amazon for Kindle! 

For Those Who Love A Good Thrill!

'Unauthorized Access' by Andrew McAllister is A MUST have for those who love an excellent thriller!! This is such an amazing book, I am actually gifting it this holiday season!! If this novel doesn't eventually hit a best seller list, I will eat my hat! (Well, not really...perhaps a cake shaped as a hat?) 
Here is a blurb from my blog review!
From page one I was impressed with Mr. McAllister's writing style. It was descriptive, witty and overall had a great flow. The character dialogue was natural, and you almost felt immersed IN the story, rather than just reading it. This book would make an amazing movie! (Listen up Hollywood!)
It's a book that while entertains, certainly makes you think! In this day in age with terrorism, cyber-theft, and relying on technology are YOU prepared should your bank suddenly be sent into a panic? This book may have you hollowing out a teddy bear for stashing emergency funds. (Sorry Ted!)

In Paperback from Amazon!

For Those Who Crave An AMAZING World War 2 Tale:

 'Scent of Triumph' by Jan Moran is probably the most captivating romantic tale I have read all year. I said it, ALL YEAR!
I haven't blogged about this book yet (Coming Soon!) but it will be up in the near future! I will tell you right now, I give this book FIVE STARS! Heck, I'm about to throw in a sixth star for good measure! LOVED it! You need to give this to the romantic in your life!
Here's my brief description:
Danielle is a young woman who's life takes a dramatic turn when Hitler invades Europe. She is a talented perfumer who proves to be strong and resilient when faced with adversity. From the war in Europe to struggling to start over in America. Scent of Triumph will grip you from the first chapter! This book is an epic page turner you will not put down!
In Paperback from Amazon!

For Paranormal Fantasy Lovers

 The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton is yet another novel I have yet to write a blog about! (It's on my list!!) It is such a well told, imaginative tale. I loved it so much, when I bought it, I read it twice in a row (days apart!) I can't do this book justice in such a short blurb (wait for my future review!) but I am going to try!
The author weaves an incredible tale about a girl named Sophia, a social outcast from a small tight knit community. She meets the handsome Charles is introduced to a whole new world of creatures and characters. If only the people in her community knew what was lurking in the shadows, perhaps they wouldn't be so concerned about her Wiccan beliefs! Needless to say, Sophia has her own inner demons, voices and noise in her head that she doesn't fully understand. This is a great supernatural read! If you (or someone in your life) love a story about other-wordly creatures and past lives you MUST pick up a copy of 'The Forever Girl'!
Purchase a copy from Amazon!

 Happy Holidays!

Also in time for the Holidays, if you love to cook and bake (or know someone who does!)  Check out my friend's blog on Food! This one she provides recipes for three kinds of Fudge! Follow these fun recipes and create some delicious gifts! (When you aren't eating them for yourself!)