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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fame, Love and Other Lessons

 "I'd like to thank the Academy......My hairdresser for making me look even awesomer than I am..., my pet hamster..., that guy over there..... Pepto Bismal for making cherry flavored tablets.....You LIKE me!! You really like me!!!" #SpeechesIGiveInfrontOfTheMirror #WithAHairbrush #BecauseICan

I'm not famous. (I know! Bummer... right?)
I always wanted to be an actress when I grew up. Gave that dream up yeeeeeeeears ago. (My apologies to Hollywood)

My apologies also go to those people who's yearbooks I signed 'Here's my autograph, remember me when I'm famous'... you won't be cashing in on my signature anytime soon.

So what does me rambling on about lost dreams have to do with a book blog?

I'll cut to the chase... I read a book last weekend and the subject matter is that of a relationship that is put to the test.

"Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce to you..........."

               Fame, Love and Other Lessons by Jo Frances.



My Take:

For me, this was a very quick read. I finished it within a couple of hours (plus interruptions, apparently dinner does not make itself!)

This tells the tale of a girl named Jamie who is a freshman in college, she ends up in a romance with a University basketball sensation (and friend of her brother) named Chase.
We follow the two as they start their romance, and as they become famous along the way.

I really enjoyed the concept. It was pretty fascinating watching the two characters as they go from regular people, to famous ones. The story had some great details that made it interesting. (For example adding in another possible love interest for Jamie....*gasp*) The characters were amusing, Jamie had this innocent yet strong quality about her that I liked. In her actions and reactions she really reminded me of people I know.

A few things had me having to re-read to keep on track. The story progresses rather quickly. There were a few moments where I was confused as to how much time had passed between events. For example there was a part I thought a few days had just passed, when it had really been over a summer. I wasn't expecting such a large gap in time.
I think I would have preferred either chapter titles that included the dates, or a bit more 'fill' to the pages to transition the story seamlessly.
My biggest complaint was also 'my' usual (which in reality IS a compliment....)
I wanted the story to keep going..... more, more..... MORE... I felt it ended too soon. I would have loved to have seen Sean re-enter the picture and stir things up a a bit more, or perhaps add a few more twists and turns. More interactions with characters that we had met along the way and subsequently dropped....

And for you vixens who search for a little naughtiness in your novels, I will let you know that there a few erotic bits and bites to the story. (not a lot that it should turn people off reading it)

On a side note as I read this novel I was continuously humming 'Queen Of Hollywood' by The Corrs (Great Song! Google it!)  The lyrics don't exactly match the events in the novel, but it was in my head nonetheless. (Okay, so that really has nothing to do with anything, but I thought I would share.)

 All in all, I will read this book again.

Here is the full book description from

When college freshman Jamie Cameron began a first-love relationship with Chase Reston, the bad boy star of her school's basketball team, she had no idea how quickly her world would change.  From an idyllic environment surrounded by a protective older brother and loyal friends, to the fast-paced world of modeling and life as an NBA player, Jamie and Chase quickly discover that the first casualty of their relationship.
After their breakup, a heartbroken Chase struggles with the demons that caused him to push away the only girl he ever loved.  Meanwhile, Jamie tries to move on from betrayal by quickly becoming involved with Sean Foley, a jaded rock star used to getting anything he wants, and what he wants is Jamie.
But this is no casual fling for Sean.  Tired of the emptiness in his life, he knows he can give Jamie the love and commitment she wants.  As Chase watches all this unfold through the tabloids, he has to decide:  does he love Jamie enough to let her go on with her new life?  Or will he risk his heart and ask her to take another chance on him?

I recommend it to those who like basketball, modeling/Hollywood life, sexy or romantic reads.

Happy Reading!

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