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Sunday, 24 June 2012

On The Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

Catalina Island Dominican Republic

There is no type of vacation I love more, than the kind where I jet off to a tropical destination!
Never mind I hate actually getting ON the plane. The typical vacation anticipation, my lack of patience, mixed with my fear of flying doesn't make me a good traveling companion. (At least that's what my husband tells me)
When our flight actually touches down at our destination, it's all I can do not to kiss the tarmac and shout 'Thank the merciful heavens I've made it!!'
I don't (because that would be weird) but the thought really does cross my mind every time we land. 

All that aside, once I'm at the resort, I am cool, calm, collected and looking to get my vacation on!

Vacation On!!!

There is nothing more relaxing to me than laying in a lounger, on a white sandy beach, listening to the surf mixed with island music playing by the beach-side bar. The smell of coconut sunscreen in the air. Sipping on an icy Blue Hawaiian while my nose is shoved in a book. Not a care in the world! (other then the fear of turning the reddish hue of a lobster)  DIVINE!

<---Mmmmmmmmmm Blue Hawaiian! Who wants one?

Doesn't it all sound so good? Well quit mentally making vacation plans! That can wait! You need to read the rest of my blog, so you can pick a great book to take with you on that trip!

Let's Play Pretend for a moment!

 Imagine now, that you are on that tropical island. The beauty and serenity of a lush tropical island......BUT you are without basic and modern convenience's such as food, shelter, sunscreen (books, cellphones, people, you get the drift) Oh and did I mention how you arrived? Yeah, think of the worst possible scenario. That's right, the plane crashed. (eeeeeek!!) That is what the characters in my next recommended read had to deal with and I can't say I envy them!
Macao Beach Dominican Republic

I've set my "Mommy Porn" off to the side at the moment (shocker I know!!) as I feel compelled to tell you about "On The Island" by Tracey Garvis Graves. For a debut novel, I have to say 'Holy Crap! She Delivered!' TGG shot straight to the top of my 'authors to read again' list!
'On The Island' is as spectacular as it is moving, making it a total MUST read!! It was released last year and is a best selling novel to boot!! Just HOW I missed this gem, I do not know! (Mystery solved, it's only in ebook form, print to be released this July!!) The good news is I have found it, read it, and now I am sharing it with you! (and unlike some of my recent reads, THIS one I can and will recommend to my mother!)

Out of the way Tom Hanks and Wilson, I much prefer Anna and T.J's castaway story!

30 year old Anna is hired to tutor teenaged cancer survivor T.J during the summer. The amazing part, it’s in the Maldives! She can escape from her life to figure out what she wants, all the while being paid to teach in a vacation setting! BONUS!
T.J's family already at their destination, the two end up making the long trip together.
On the last leg of the journey, tragedy strikes, and Anna and T.J find themselves lone survivors of a plane crash, stranded on a desert isle together in the Indian Ocean. (juuuuusssssst sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…)
It soon becomes apparent that no one will rescue them. Faced with dangers like sharks, dehydration, starvation (etc...etc....) they set about to create a life for themselves as best they can. All the while hoping someone will find them.
Ana's life at the time of the crash was stale. Her biological clock ticking, she'd been stuck in a dead-end relationship and is now trapped on an island with a handsome teenaged male companion (Awkward!) Anna struggles with the reality she will most likely grow old on the island and never have children.
T.J. grows and matures before her eyes. He's very sweet, strong and dependable. Since he's a cancer survivor there is always that worry that on the island he has no access to medical help should it return.  He's so young, he's barely had the chance to live and experience things. There is no denying T.J is attracted to Anna, and as the years pass, she finds herself looking at him different too. He's no longer that wide eyed boy that she was first hired to tutor. He's a man and he does his best to make her see that!
The story is cleverly told from both characters point of view. A special bond is formed as they learn to survive in more ways than one!
I have to say the way the author builds and writes the story tremendous. Not being able to put it down, I was constantly on the edge of my seat wanting to know how long will they be stranded? If they are rescued, what will life be like when they get home? Will they become lovers? Will they eat their pet chicken?

While I have this book loaded on my Kobo, I plan on going out and purchasing a copy to sit on my shelf. It belongs alongside the likes of 'The Time Travelers Wife' and 'Eat Pray Love'. That is how wonderful a read 'On The Island' is!! Next up for Tracey Garvis Graves is a book called Covet, due out this Fall! I can't wait to read it!

Your homework assignment is simple!

Step One: Grab a copy of 'On The Island" to read!   

Step: Two: Proceed to call your travel agent. Tell them I sent you! ;)

 **Pictures from my various trips to Punta Cana, D.R.**


  1. I have read this book and I loved it. It is truly beautiful and touching

  2. I popped out of bed this morning eager to finish "On The Island". Social obligations yesterday didn't leave much time for reading. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's rare for a novel to be the first thing I think of upon awakening and I can't remember the last time I didn't start my day by turning on the computer to check email and Facebook. Once you start this book you want to read right through to the end. I will definitely read it again.

    1. I hear ya! I stayed up far past my bedtime trying to finish it!