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Friday, 22 June 2012

A deal on a read, I haven't read yet? Wait, WHAT?

Yesterday marked the first day of summer (and the end of youth as my husband knows it, he turned 30!) and I have so much in the works for the coming months.

Naturally, I am up to my eyeballs in books, reviews, and scouting my next reads for my blog... all mixed in with the usual goings-on in this house! (The usual, laundry, dishes, teaching a toddler her colors and how to use the potty!) Not complaining though. Life is good and I am having a blast!

I wanted to share with you some news about Kathryn Harvey's "Butterfly" Trilogy! It's been re-released!

Those of you who (like me) can't get enough Fifty Shades, or who are desperately waiting for the next novel in the Crossfire series, you need to check this trilogy out!
I have read an excerpt, and am waiting like a giddy school girl for this book to arrive on my doorstep! It promises to be a very naughty read.

The concept:

Butterfly is a private club that only the most beautiful and powerful woman can join. When they do, they get to act out their secret sexual fantasies. The novel follows a few of the woman who are members, through their erotically charged journey. The one woman who is the biggest mystery of them all is the one who runs the club.....


The reason I am telling you about this book before I have read and reviewed it for you is simple. I have been given this knowledge to share with you, my trusty readers! Currently there is an EBOOK sizzling special on right now! Click on the following links for a full description and to download a copy to your Kindle or Nook for an AMAZING price! Remember, this is Ebook only and time sensitive! You won't believe the discount! Go, hurry, check it out!!

Who's in? I can't stress this enough! LOL Get your copy now for a great price, grab some wine and enjoy the read!!Let's discuss and compare notes when I'm finished Butterfly and my blog! I may just have a give away in the works for that particular blog as well..... keep checking back! ;)

Happy Reading!


  1. Looks great - I picked it up :)

    1. Lemme know what you think!! :)

  2. I read this book years ago ... but I don't remember it being a trilogy!

    1. The things you learn reading my blog, eh B? ;) There are two more books on the heels of it! "Stars" and "Private Entrance"