Monday 18 June 2012

Giving It Up by Amber Lin

One Word: WOW!

Three Words: What a story!

Now More Words:  (Go get a snack, we could be awhile!)

I keep reading and blogging about “Mommy Porn” books to the point I’m tempted to rename my blog "Hawt Damn!” ~ perhaps add some Barry White music to the page for effect. 

If there is one thing that is becoming more and more apparent to me (and everyone else paying attention) it’s that Erotica is in! Fifty Shades has left woman panting, drooling and begging for more. A lot of ladies are wondering where to turn for their next naughty novel. Well quit scratching your heads, tell your friends, turn HERE to my blog. I’m almost too eager ('lil ol' me?) to do this research for you and I promise there are more books and blogs to come! (Making my list, checkin' it twice gonna find out who's naughty, annnnnnnd naughtier!)

Next up on my ‘Hawt Damn’ list, right on the heels of my last "Mommy Porn" recommendation (see previous blog) comes a novel due to be released on June 19th!

That novel is a debut novel by Amber Lin, an up and coming author I insist you check out! It's a darker, more heartbreaking tale.

Here's the gist:

 Allie is a broken young woman who’s had a rough life. She has a sexy secret (Without beating around the bush- she’s a once a month slut) who's latest one night stand is not like the others.Usually in it for the 'wham bam- thank ya ma'am', the connection she has with this new man throws her. Colin makes her feel things she doesn't want to feel. He is her White Knight (or is he...?) Sexy secrets aside, she struggles to support her young daughter with the help of her best friend Shelly. Being in a relationship, trusting a man isn't what she wants to do. She tries to shake it off and move on without him. When her rapist shows back up in her life, her world is turned upside down. She's backed into a corner, and needs to figure out her 'shit' out and fast! (pardon my language)
Maybe taking a leap of faith with Colin isn't such a bad idea after all....

The book is told from Allie’s perspective. Amber’s writing is fluid and it captures the many emotions (desperation, shame, guilt, anxiety) of Allie’s character amazingly well. Allie is gritty, determined and lost. Her love as a mother adds a softer side to the plot. All she wants is to keep her child safe and loved.While I didn't agree with everything she does, or how she goes about things, I was cheering her on.
 I find Colin from start to finish remains a bit of a mystery. He seems to have a good heart and good intentions, but sometimes his behavior leaves you questioning his motives. Is he honorable? Is he her savior? Or is he like all the rest, and up to no good? (You have to read to find out)
Shelly's character both amused and saddened me. A prostitute who turns tricks to make ends meet for both her and her friend. Her strength, loyalty and love for Allie and child knows no bounds. This isn't your flowery, happy-go-lucky fairytale, not at all.
The sex is raw. The story is heart wrenching. The characters captivating.
I encourage you to watch the book trailer, and visit Amber’s website for more information or get your copy here!

This will be a book I read again!!

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