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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Beautiful Bitch ~ Christina Lauren


Didja miss me??
(Oh you know you did!! I missed you too!!)

I'd apologize for the lack of reviews in the last while, but I just spent the last two weeks touring Germany, so no... I'm not sorry. (Haha, kidding.....kind of....xoxo)
Don't hate me for that though, I may of had a fabu time on vacation but I busted my ankle before I left and it progressively got worse as the vacation continued (castles, hills, cobblestones..weren't helping matters) Needless to say, I have been home 48hrs and my doctor has my ankle wrapped and on crutches. Nasty sprain. (Quit laughing)

So what does a girl do when this happens?

Besides catching up on my soap (Days Of Our Lives...HOLLA!) and uploading the hundreds of photos of the trip to facebook.... naturally I take time to read a copy of a much anticipated novella.

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Beautiful Bitch is a short story narrated by both Bennett and Chloe. Taking place between novels Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger, the actual time period is exactly a year after Bennett and Chloe hook up. It's a fantastic, slutty little read full of dirty talk and sexymaness. (Is that even a word? No? It is now!)
There are flashbacks catching us up on the status of their relationship and how deep they have fallen for each other. In Beautiful Bitch the biggest problem they face is finding time together. Two workaholics that have earth shattering sex can make it work....right?
If you've read Beautiful Stranger than the ending won't surprise you. ;)

For a quick read it's pretty hawt! These ladies know how to write a book whether it's a short story or not. Beautiful Bitch smoothly bridges that time gap that we saw between Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger, and for a novella, in my opinion it is perfectly packed with enough steamy scenes and new details. Sometimes I find novella's don't necessarily scratch that itch when you want more from your favorite characters in a series. I didn't find that was the case at all with Beautiful Bitch. Consider the Chloe-Bennett itch scratched! The book is full of that spicy banter and humor that make this fictional couple one of my all time favorites! Loved it!

Fans of this series, if you haven't done so already, than you must run/walk/prancersize to pick up a copy! (Or do as I did and just download it from your friendly neighborhood internet store....prancersizing on crutches isn't me... I tried...)

Again I will say it. Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings make an amazing writing duo!
I say to them: "Keep up the good work ladies! I can't wait to read what is in store for us next!"

To you dear reader I say....

"Happy Reading"

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