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Monday, 28 May 2012

At Least You Can't Cancel A Book!

Summer is fast approaching, which means our favorite TV show's have been in 'finale' mode. The wait is on for next Fall to play catch up with our favorite stories and characters, if they were lucky enough not to make the chopping block.
This is a book blog, so how is television relevant here?

Let’s go back in time shall we, to a simpler time…..(for me anyway!) the early 90’s to be exact. I believe I was about 12 years old. A friend of mine and avid reader, showed me the book series she was reading by L.J. Smith she thought I might like.  I took one look at the cover and knew immediately that I was going to be hooked on The Secret Circle.
Yes, I did it!! I went against everything I was taught and judged a book by its cover! ;) I borrowed from the library and went and bought the copy I could never seem to get my hands on.

Previously it was a trilogy, later published as two separate novels. “The Secret Circle-The Initiation and The Captive” and “ The Secret Circle -The Captive Part2 and The Power”
 More recently (this past spring to be exact!) 'The Secret Circle-The Divide' was released! YAY! The story continues, (written now by Aubrey Clark ) and the ending suggests yet another book! (I have been frantically searching the 'inter-ma-net' looking for clues as to when it's released so I can pounce!)
 **Update as of June 1st** The next novel 'The Hunt' is rumored to hit shelves on Sept. 11/12!!

The Secret Circle (the novel) is about a teenager named Cassie, who moves with her mother to New Salem to live with her grandmother. She starts at the local high school to discover that because of her address, people give her a wide berth. There are some kids that stand out to her and as it turns out, they all live on her street as well. Feeling lonely, awkward and out of place, she befriends Diana (the leader of ‘The Club’) and slowly learns that she is a witch, from a long line of witches. She joins the club, due to a tragic 'opening' in the Circle, but some of the members aren’t happy about it, mainly Faye and her crew.
It turns out Cassie has amazing powers, so powerful for someone new, it startles and impresses.

The books follow Cassie as she tries to hide her feelings and connection with Adam.(Diana’s boyfriend) 
She learns how to use her magic, deal with the ‘not so nice’ people, witch hunters, and ultimately her evil father who has come back from the dead to rule the Circle. Oh and did I mention how she has to find and learn to use the "The Master Tools".... Lot's going on!

I love a good ‘witch’ novel, so you can imagine I wore my copies of this out, and now they are loaded into my trusty Kobo!

I had said for YEARS that this series should be made into a movie. You can imagine I was absolutely thrilled, excited, ecstatic, elated when I discovered that CW had picked up The Secret Circle as a television series!!!
That automatically became my ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ television show.  
I am typically not one to get involved in a TV show to the point I ‘HAVE’ to watch it. After all, I prefer a good book to television anyway. This show on the other hand was an automatic favorite and I hadn’t even seen it yet.

I was mildly irritated when you learn early on that they really stray from the original story that the author wrote.  It’s always true, the original novels are always far superior to anything Hollywood comes up with. You have character name changes, characters removed (Circle of 12 becomes 6), different twists and turns, even the setting was changed slightly (New Salem became Chance Harbor). At the end of the day, I unable to tell you which one I actually enjoyed more, the book or the show. (Pssst, for the record they are both totally awesome)

A week or so ago, a day after the amazing season finale, the announcement was made. The show had been canned after its first season! UNREAL!!! It was Jericho (previously my Do Not Disturb show) all over again!! Twitter was in an uproar, as was I! You know I am all about a TV show when I sign petitions to save it.
Sadly, it could not be saved, the series is over.  As dead as the evil John Blackwell (aka John Blake, aka Black John) Rumors are swirling that it 'may' be picked up by another network due to the cult following, but I refuse to get my hopes up!

Some people are trying to tell me that I should hop on L.J Smith's more successful  TV series “Vampire Diaries”  I’ll pass. I find Vampires over done. It's time for them to move aside and let Witches have a go!
(Sorry Twi-Hards)
I recommend this series if you are looking for something for the young adult in your house, Or simply, if you are just young at heart and love a good "witchy" read.
The moral of this story, well I have a few:
A “book” can never be canceled.
It’s truly amazing when you can watch a favorite story come to life no matter what.
The CW network sucks.

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