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Friday, 11 May 2012

Into The Dreaming

Do you love losing yourself in the world of Romance? Paranormal? Fantasy? If you are like me, than the answer is a resounding 'Hell Yes!!' Well, enter Karen Marie Moning, and the page-turning fantasy worlds she has created! If you haven't heard of her before, than clearly, you haven't read some of my other blogs. (What's stopping you? Get on it already!)

To those who have read my previous KMM blogs, yes, "I know" I have written about this author before, but after reading it, I felt compelled to tell you about her novella 'Into The Dreaming - With Bonus Material'!

What is the deal that I 'had' to blog about it. Here it is:

 Like a shy kid at a high school dance, this book is off in the corner on its own, but can fit in with the rest when you drag it onto the dance floor. (No I am not telling you to dance with the book, it's my metaphor and I'm sticking to it!) If you have read either of her series, you will find that the book stands alone, but works well with between both worlds.

Here's the gist: A Highlander named Aedan MacKinnon  is tricked into making a deal with The Unseelie King and ends up trapped in the Unseelie realm. The Fae (Seelie) Queen gets wind of this, and decides to work some magic to help ruin the kings plans. Enter Jane Sillee who lives in modern day time. She has very detailed and romantic dreams about her Highland Hottie named Aedan. They are very vivid and real to Jane and with good reason. Needless to say, in 'the real world' she has some obstacles to overcome. Including making Aedan remember....
It's time-travel, fairy, fantasy and romance all in one short story and that is all I am giving you. If you want to know more, you'll have to read the novella to see what happens!

Into the Dreaming has been in paperback before, yet this newest release is chalked full of bonus material. I naturally enjoyed reading the story, but I will admit, the reason I wanted to bring this to your attention was due to the 'extras' that KMM was kind enough to include!

Inside there is a book proposal that in my opinion should see the light of day! It's a paranormal romance, but takes on a different twist than her other novels. It is too bad, it never came to be, as it would have been an intriguing romance!! (Do you hear me publishers!!! Listen to the Karen Marie Moning Fans we want the WHOLE story!!!! NOW GET ON IT!!)

Ms. Moning also treats us to a narration, filling us in a bit on her journey as an author. I enjoyed reading the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of it. I’m always interested in what makes an author tick, how a story came to be, etc.. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to pay attention to the interviews (unless they end of on The View) or the fan pages, websites etc.... Having these included with the novella was a nice touch!

And there is more still! 

For those who are a fan of the Highlander series, we are treated to deleted scene from “Kiss of the Highlander”, as well as what ‘could’ have been the novel “The Dark Highlander”, thus dubbed 'The Dark Highlander Lite'. It was too soft to be Daegus MacKelter's story. As a reader, I loved having the chance to read the original, unedited story and compare it to what I know was eventually was printed. It was a real treat.

Ms.Moning also shares the opening of ‘DarkFever’ (a novel I have previously blogged about!), and a look into her Graphic Novel ‘Fever Moon’

'Into the Dreaming with Bonus Material' is a short read, I recommending picking it up if you are a fan of her work or are just curious to see what she has to offer!

I have attached her website for the curious!

As KMM would say, 'Stay To The Lights'

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