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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Harlan Coben - Because Lucy Says So!

I am back from my Family Vacation, have suffered through a virus, caught up on housework and gardening!  FINALLY  I have time to sit down and fill you in on my latest book fascination!

First off, I want to thank those of you for reading, the positive feedback, comments and the book suggestions. From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate it!

Today I find myself blogging about the most recent book I have read.  So recent in fact, I started it yesterday afternoon, and finished it by midnight. Dishes can always wait until morning and my children were kind enough to go to bed on schedule! My husband always rolls his eyes when I get sucked into a new book. He's still complaining about my Fifty Shades read-a-thon! (Silly man needs to read it too! Two words... Inspiring and Flogger!) I digress.....

The book that I couldn't put down: "Stay Close" by Harlan Coben.
A mystery/thriller that revolves around an old murder that has come back to haunt the main characters later on in life. It follows a suburban mom with a dark past, a photographer (paparazzi) for hire, and a detective. The book is written in several points of view, and I was pleasantly surprised that when I thought I knew what would happen next, the author didn’t quite follow the stereotypical plot twist. Hallelujah! I always hear the angels singing when that happens! It made the book a page turner as I was constantly suspicious and thrown off track. 
I have it on good authority that in fact all his novels are like that!

One thing that really stood out to me about this novel, was how he portrayed the mom, Megan. I don't want to ruin the story line as to why, but he really captured a stay at home mom's psyche very well. Especially one torn between past and present "polar opposite" lifestyles. If I had one question to ask him, it would be: Mr. Coben, did you research or discuss Megan's emotions and thoughts with a female, or were her thoughts based on your ideas of how a woman in her position would feel . I personally thought he hit the nail on the head. I am curious if anyone else agrees.

I won’t lie, I did figure out ‘whodunnit’ early on, and even why. However, I’ll attribute that to my super sleuth skills and not the author's story. There were a few times I questioned my decision and started to lean toward other possible guilty characters and motives. Thank you for keeping me on my toes Mr. Coben!

My cousin Lucy was the one who recommended this author to me. She is a huge Harlan Coben fan, so I felt it appropriate to have her contribute to this blog! This is what she had to say!

“I’m not a big book worm – in fact rarely read- but I was bored on holiday a few years ago and my dad gave me one of his holiday books “PLAY DEAD” by Harlan Coben to read. I literally read it in a day and a half could not put it down! That’s when my addiction to his novels started. When I got home, I signed up to my local library read all the Coben books they had. I then purchased the others books which weren’t available in the library. One of his books I could not find anywhere. One day, I was at the airport with my wee sister. Our plane was 3 hours delayed so I thought I’d go and look in the book shop at the airport and I found the book!! I came back from shop totally “cheesered “– my wee sister on the other hand was less than impressed as knew how anti-social I became when I had a Harlan Coben book (yes I’m obsessed). Everyone I have recommended to has become as hooked as me…. always wanting to borrow more of my books!
Harlan Books for me are total page turners – I literally cannot put it down. There are so many twists, turns and red-herrings in them. Even when you think you have “solved” the crime right at the end there’s always a big reveal or twist which you never saw coming but always makes so much sense. His Myron Bolitar series also features his best friend Win and makes for comical reading as they are like a double act – but Win is someone you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. There are other characters that make appearance throughout the books. I love it when one of my fave characters pop up! His books are just so clever, intelligent, fast paced and can be dark at times. As soon as I have finished one of his books I am so gutted that its over and know I have to wait another 6 months till his next book. Go read one of his books… you won’t regret it! Harlan Coben is so awesome he replied to my Tweet…. And then replied again with more information! One cool dude!"

Also compliments of Lucy, some information on his other novels! 

Myron Bolitar Series in order:

Stand alone books :

He’s started a teenage series as well, with Myron Bolitars nephew. Only one book released so far called SHELTER”

If you have never heard of Harlan Coben before, take it from Lucy and I, if you like mysteries and thrillers, you need to give him a try!

I will certainly be adding more of his books to my reading list!!

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  1. That where I know this Author from...Shelter...Calvin read it & of course I had to read it too...LOL...I will have too definitely look Harlan up again..thanks Irene!!