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Sunday, 13 May 2012

The American Heiress

For Mothers Day, I ask for nothing more than extra hugs and kisses. I am already spoiled as mom to the best little girls a mother could ask for. My children and my husband surprised me however, with beautiful gifts. I received a lovely framed picture (see photo below) my 8 year old made for me at school, a ‘mommy medal’, flowers, and gorgeous antique jewellery. We spent the day shopping,went on a long walk and ordered Chinese food.

I love my family and I am so blessed and lucky to be able to say they are mine.

Speaking of Mother's Day. I know it is coming to a close, but I have the perfect gift suggestion for Mom’s who love to read. I spent much of my weekend, relaxing on the couch reading "The American Heiress". A book I came across while searching the Kobo website for the next novel to jump out at me.

Written by Daisy Goodwin, this is a stunning tale set in the late 19th century, is one I highly recommend. I didn’t know what to expect during the first chapter. I actually had second guessed my purchase within the first few pages, luckily the story took off. It captured my attention, hook, line and sinker.
In this novel we meet Cora Cash. A young, immensely wealthy American Heiress, with an ostentatious, strong-willed mother who takes her to England to find her a titled husband. An riding accident brings her into the path of the Duke of Wareham, a very eligible bachelor. Cora's life quickly changes and she finds herself married and is no longer is under her mother’s suffocating wing.

Cora has to find her own way in her new role as wife and Duchess now that she is free from her overbearing mother. She's very headstrong, but has her weaknesses. She is oblivious to all that is going on around her, and doesn't have anyone to really guide or advise her.
Ivo, The Duke is not your typical romantic hero. He's vague and mysterious, which is a pleasant change from other romantic novels. As a reader you continuously ask yourself if he's good, or bad. I won't tell you.... that's for you to find out!

The story is incredibly written from several points of view.The characters are immensely flawed. One minute you find yourself liking someone, the next, yeah…not so much. There were times I wish I could jump into the novel yell at a few key players (You know you are absorbed in a book when....)
It’s tasteful, elegant, and something I can recommend to my mother. (Apparently she wasn't amused with my Fifty Shades of Grey suggestion......)

I would love it if this book ended up with a sequel. The ending alone leaves you wanting more. So much so, I actually went back and re-read the last few chapters again.

The perfect way to give this book would be in a gift basket, with a bottle of wine, and a box of chocolates.

The perfect way to set the mood for this book is with a glass of wine and a box of chocolates! ;)

Want to know more? Click the link to learn more about The American Heiress at

You and your mom will love it!

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