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Friday, 11 November 2016

Lest We Forget

I know this is a book blog and this is the first time I am really stepping out and not blogging about books here. (Never fear, after this post it will be back to regular scheduled programming)

Today is Remembrance Day, a day we need to step back, reflect and honor those who have sacrificed so much for us.

The post I am about to share, is one I wrote a year ago for family and friends. It showed up in my memories today, and for whatever reason, I felt compelled to share it with you all:

I had a conversation with someone in recent months. A conversation that has resonated with me over the past while. With someone who told me that they do not like Remembrance Day. 
Now, before you become outraged at such a thought. I will honestly tell you, that for this person and their personal story (which is not mine to tell, so don't ask) I can certainly understand where they are coming from, and why they can't find it in their heart to want to participate in ceremonies that cause them great upset. I don't agree with them, but I can listen.
That said, a comment was made from this person about how soldiers weren't brave. that war is not something to be remembered or glorified.
This upset me. As you know me, I am highly argumentative and when pushed past a limit, that's that. Gloves off.
I argued that how can you not say a person who sacrifices their life isn't brave? For a soldier to make that choice that could mean the end of their life. Their LIFE. In this day and age, this is a decision which in our country is made willingly and it's certainly not one to be taken lightly. For those men who were once drafted, they may have had fear in their hearts, but they still went and did it anyway. That takes courage. Cowards run. The brave stand tall and actively defend their country and what it represents. Our Canadian soldiers are a large part of why we have a free country and can live life the way we please. They are not monsters. They ARE our heroes. Your freedom is because of them.
To say war isn't to be remembered, it has to be. We have to remember and learn from history so we don't repeat it.
We are not glorifying war by paying our respects. We are honoring memories.
My own grandfather fought in World War 2 and I will tell you right now, he was one of the bravest, loveliest men you will have ever met and I miss him every day. Do not tell me he wasn't brave.
To the person whom I fought hard to show our Canadian side of the story, I can only hope I shed some light on the 'why' we remember and pay our respects and perhaps lightened your heart a bit.
To our soldiers past and present. Thank You for what you have done for us.

 Lest We Forget.

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