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Friday, 3 May 2013

Being Me ~ Lisa Renee Jones

Let me tell you of a trilogy,
Full of sexcapades and mystery,
A naughty tale with BDSM,
Journals, Missing Woman and Sexy Men,
A cliffhanger that will make you scream,
Rebecca's whereabouts unknown,
Want a great story to read?
The Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones......

Hey look... I'm a Poet, didn't know it! ;)

I was absolutely ecstatic when Best Selling Author Lisa Renee Jones read my blog review on 'If I Were You' and gifted me an advanced copy of Book Two of The Inside Out Trilogy (along with some of the novellas that inspired the series) to review.
(Again... a big Thank You!!!)

That book is titled "Being Me"

It took me a bit longer to get to the books than I wanted, my Kobo has been giving me grief for the past few weeks. My husband actually had to intervene before my lap top and Kobo met with a baseball bat (or the tires of my car...maybe both...) I swear I have never had this much trouble with technology before! I think it may be time for an upgrade.
I digress....

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the files finally made it to the Kobo and I wasted no time diving in! The cliffhanger from the first book was killing me. (KILLING ME I say!!!!)

Now, before I continue any further, there is a teeny tiny detail you need to know when you read the Inside Out Trilogy.

(sorry for the caps...I need to get that point across)

 Just keep reading! I will provide a complete list of 'order to read' at the end of this blog!

So why are these novella's so important?
They are Rebecca's Journals. The ones that Sara find in the storage unit in the first book.
Reading them gives us more clues and insight as to who Rebecca is and what her relationship with the Master is like. They also have other tid bits and details included within the pages that will help you understand things that take place in 'Being Me'.
Should you not read the journals, you may be left scratching your head at a certain point.

They are very quick novella's to read, won't take you long at all to get through them.
Now....Onto the novel "Being Me"

Let me start by saying, I WILL NOT spoil what happens for you.
Not at all.
There are lots of reasons for that.
You will just have to trust me.
**enter my cute and innocent face here**

If you missed the gist of what these novels are about, I will share an excerpt from my previous blog on this series. (You can also click the link to read that blog yourself! It's a good one!)

 "Sara McMillian is a high school English teacher, intelligent, caring and compassionate, (she describes herself as a 'hugger') but seems to be damaged goods.... When she comes across the explicit sex journals, she tries to find the owner Rebecca, to return them. Her search quickly leads to an Art Gallery from which Rebecca is on a leave of absence. Sara meets Mark Compton, Manager of the Gallery, who ends up spontaneously giving her a summer job. He's like the serpent offering Eve a big juicy apple.... tempting her with a taste of the life she used to long for. His motives are questionable and his need for her to learn about wine almost makes me not want to drink it. (I kid... I need my nightly glass of Merlot!)"

The entire trilogy is a truly addictive story that will keep the pages turning!
Warning: If you read while cooking than dinner may burn! (I saved it in time!)...Dishes will go ignored...You've read my know the drill.....

 I will tell you that if you have read the first book (and you really should!!) plus Rebecca's Lost Journals (the novellas) than 'Being Me' will answer all the questions you want to know in regards to the Rebecca disappearance.
(FYI: It's an Eyebrow Raising-Jaw Dropping- 'Didn't See That Coming' Kinda Mystery!)
We learn more about Chris (the sexy, brooding, bad boy, live outside-the-box Artist) and the secrets he is keeping from Sara. Heck we even learn more about Sara and her past! (You think you figure it out in the first one.....ha!)

I love how many story lines there are within the pages and what we discover about the lives of the characters.
Lisa Renee Jones truly does keep us on our toes. I am not kidding when I say, I could not for the life of me figure out the plot or where she was going! She completely lured me in and has me completely mesmerized with Sara (and Rebecca's!) tale! Every time I 'thought' I knew what was up and where the story was going, she tricked me!! (Not an easy feat, I raise my wine glass to her!)
Any author who can keep the readers second guessing in such a way get's an A++ in my book!
It is Ah-mazing.

One of the biggest things I really enjoy about the writing, is something I have touched on before. Unlike some BDSM novels, the sex and BDSM isn't 'gratuitous' and it's not just there to spice up the book! It's actually a very large part of the story and not just in a 'romantic' way. (You will be shocked at what you discover about one of the characters in particular......) That is always a big sell to me when it comes to the sexier novels. I like to point this out to people who are squeamish about any book with a bit of BDSM or Erotica. If I am going to read the sexy novels and recommend it... One of the things on the list I need is a substantial story line and THIS my friends has it in spades!

Words To Describe This Series: Provocative and Thrilling. 

TidBit: The Inside Out Trilogy has been optioned for a Cable Show!! UMMM Yes Please!!!

I so look forward to the story continuing in the next book "Being Us" (<---write down="" i="" the="" title="">)

I CAN'T WAIT to see what happens next!! I'm not kidding, If I was at the book store and there was one copy left of 'Being Us' and someone grabbed it out of my hands, let's just say there would be a showdown and I would win!

(Book Nerds Gone Wild!)

"Being Me" is released as of June 11th 2013, so mark that date on your calendar!

Now that I have read 'Being Me' I am going to have to grab a copy of the novella that follows called 'The Master Undone'. Hopefully that will help take the edge off until the next book releases!

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know when it comes to novels I love that if I have them on a reading device, I also purchase the physical copy for my library. So it will come as no surprise that I fully intend to do that with any Lisa Renee Jones book I come across!
THAT is how much I love this author!

Your mission should you choose to accept it:
Grab a copy of "If I Were You" ...Run get those novellas in your hands and finish them before "Being Me" releases!!

You'll Thank Me.....

I promise!!!

Happy Reading!!

Inside Out Trilogy Reading Order:

** If I Were You

** Rebecca's Lost Journals (4 Novellas)
-The Seduction
-The Contract
-My Master
-His Submissive

** Being Me

** Master Undone (Do NOT read until you have read Being Me)

**Revealing Us

Visit for more information!

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