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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Head Cold & My Comfort Book by Judith McNaught

I'm sick with a head cold.

I don't know about any one else, but I act just like a guy with a 'man-cold' when I'm sick. I whine, I bitch, I want my mommy. So sue me.
Never the less, whilst I bitch about how God-Awful I feel, I still have to suck it up and look after the house and kids. (I am woman hear me rrrr...rrrraaahhchoooo) 
I do the 'bare minimum' required of me, making more time for resting on the couch. (Most chores can wait)
I think my kids like it when I am unwell...
( "Here's the remote, have at it!" "Yes we are having frozen pizza for dinner...." "Go ahead, have a chocolate bar, let me sleep" "You want to change your sister's diaper? Great, practice makes perfect.....")

With being 'down and out' I wanted familiar things to comfort me through my sneezy, stuffy, dizzy mess. (I said 'dizzy' not 'ditzy')
I brought out several of my 'beat the cold' cures and treatments:

Pillow CHECK
Blanket CHECK
Comfy Clothes CHECK
Hot Bubble Baths CHECK
Kleenex CHECK
Vapor Rub CHECK
Gatorade CHECK
Comfort Food CHECK
Comfort Book CHECK

Wait? Comfort Book?

What exactly IS a comfort book? You ask...

 Easy... It's a book that you read over and over again. You can have more than one (trust me I have several)  It's a story that you can get lost in and if you are feeling unwell, you don't have to concentrate that hard on the story, because you already KNOW the story. It's like watching your favorite movie.

This particular 'Comfort Book' choice is one for the romantics!


A romantic story about a woman who meets a man in the Caribbean. They fall head over heels in love in a matter of days.... only to have circumstances and assumptions ruin their 'magical' romance.
When she ends up pregnant with his baby, she decides not to tell him about the child...... big mistake.

While this book isn't the best book I have ever read by Judith McNaught, it certainly is one of my favorites.
I love how favorite characters from other novels (Matt and Meredith from 'Paradise' and Julie and Zack from 'Perfect') make special appearances. 'Every Breath You Take' is the story of Kate and Mitchell is very 'fast paced' compared to some of her other novels. It gets straight to the point and she didn't drag it out. I am sure the story could be longer, but who needs it? I think the fact that the author doesn't beat around the bush with the romance or any events in it makes it stand out.

If you are a romance lover and you have never read one of Judith McNaught's novels before than you are missing out!!

Here is the book description from

High atop a snow-covered hill, the stately old Wyatt mansion is perched like a crown, its stone spires pointing upward, its stained glass windows glowing like colorful jewels. Such opulence means success and, surely, happiness. But on the eve of wealthy philanthropist Cecil Wyatt’s eightieth birthday, all the money in the world won’t bring back his missing grandson, William Wyatt. The only thing for certain: Foul play was involved.

The family, the police, the media–all have tried in vain to discover the young man’s fate. Now suspicion has turned shockingly toward William’s own half-brother, the rather distant and enigmatic Mitchell Wyatt.

Kate Donovan never dreamed that a chance romantic encounter on a tropical island paradise would tag her as a suspect in a high-society murder case. But after Kate tangles with the darkly charismatic Mitchell Wyatt, she finds herself cast in a shadow of guilt and mistrust. As the Chicago police tighten their net, it will take all of Kate’s ingenuity to clear her name. With her calm, cool wit, and the help of a man who may or may not be a dangerous catch, Kate vows to claim the life and love she desires.

 Now that I have done my job to inform you of this book. I must continue with catching up on some housework.
(Seriously, do you know how crappy it is to try to empty the dishwasher with your head spinning?)

Happy Reading!

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