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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Searching For Someday ~ Jennifer Probst

"Matchmaker.....Matchmaker....Make me a match.....Find me a find.....Catch me a Catch......"


I used to love that song as a kid. My sister and I used to put Fiddler on the Roof on to specifically sing and act out that song/scene....(well that song and 'If I were a rich maaaan......') Truth be told, I don't ever remember seeing the second half of that film..I always just wanted to watch the first....

Yeah, I like me my musicals.

But guess what? I am not reviewing a musical.....though if I get enough requests, I will try to sing a paragraph out of this novel for you....or maybe a portion of this review and post it on You Tube....Just make sure that if you want to see such nonsense that you've also supplied the wine in which I need to drink to do such a thing...(I kid. I don't need alcohol to do silly things, it's just a natural part of my charm)

Back to the topic at hand.

Searching for Someday, the first book in a new series by New York Times Best Selling Author Jennifer Probst.

 I feel like I am doing this blog slightly ass-backwards by writing about this particular novel before I have even blogged about her Marriage Merger novels. (Which I love by the way)
While a completely separate series, the Searching novels find us revisiting some characters and a mysterious purple spell book that is the common thread in all the Jennifer Probst books I have read to date. (I love it when authors connect their series, makes it that much more interesting!)

I don't know if it was the Millionaire Matchmaker Marathon I watched the other day.....but I was in the mood to pick this book up give it a re-read and finally get around to telling you all to get out your wallets and buy this one!

This book is a great read for those of you who want to cozy up with a new romantic series and are scratching your head over what to read next. 
It's easy.
A sexy comedy, this book is full of pop culture references and a lil bit of 'magic'. This first novel revolves around Kate Seymour, one of the owners of Kinnections, a matchmaking service she co-owns with her two best friends Arilyn and Kennedy. The three ladies have an amazing friendship and a special back story to tell, that I can't wait to learn more about as the series progresses. What we discover is that they have each overcome personal odds. The three of them are unique and each bring their own special something to their business, let alone their friendship.
Kate also has a little secret talent that helps her make matches. She's a modern day cupid with an electric touch.....but it when it finally goes off for her, she tries to fight it. While she is great at making other people find love connections, she's a bit dense when it comes to love for herself. (Aren't we all?)
She's caring, compassionate and wants to be in love or content in a committed relationship....she just would prefer her idea of perfect...and boy is Kate wrong about what she thinks she really needs in a man.
Slade Montgomery is a jaded divorce lawyer, out to prove Kinnections is a scam as he tries to save his sister Jane from further hurt. It's very amusing what happens once he and Kate start bumping heads......(It may lead to bumping other things....or will it?....Kate is really against the idea....) He's a bit clueless himself. I found myself irritated with his character. He has a tendency to jump to conclusions and see everything in a negative light, but deep down he has a good heart. Slade ends up giving Kate a seemingly impossible challenge she gladly accepts....even though she's an idiot for doing so (and he's an even bigger idiot for asking)
If there were ever two characters I'd like to jump in the novel and smack some sense into, it would be these two.
One of my favorite parts of this novel is toward the end. Without any spoilers, it takes your classic love scene, it takes your ideas of how you think it is going to end....throws it in the blender and voila we have a bit of a fresh new twist that sets it apart from cookie cutter novels from the genre....and I guess you will have to see how it plays out..... (For those who have read it, I am talking about events in Chapter 14)

I think this is a book that romantics will read again and again (and secretly hope a movie is made...I'm talking to YOU people in Hollywood that actually arrange such things....)

I always keep my eye out for novels with a matchmaking theme. I have read quite a few. I'll admit I find the process intriguing....I think it would be a fun occupation!

If you love sexy rom-com's than you want to check out Jennifer Probsts novels. You can bet I will have more blogs about some of her other books in the future.

Here is the full synopsis of Searching For Someday:

 In charming Verily, New York, Kate Seymour has a smashing success with Kinnections, the matchmaking service she owns with her two best girlfriends. But Kate’s more than a savvy businesswoman: She’s gifted with a secret power, a jolting touch that signals when love’s magic is at work. It rocked her when she picked up a strange volume of love spells in the town’s used bookstore . . . and it zapped her again when she encountered Slade Montgomery, the hot-tempered— and hot-bodied—divorce lawyer who storms into Kinnections demanding proof that playing Cupid won’t destroy his vulnerable sister, Kate’s newest client. The only way to convince this cynic that she’s no fraud, and that love is no mirage, is for Kate to meet his audacious challenge: find him his dream woman. Can Kate keep their relationship strictly business when her electrifying attraction nearly knocked her off her feet? Or has the matchmaker finally met her match?

The good news from those who are interested in reading this series! The next book drops in a few days! April 29th I will be grabbing my e-copy of 'Searching For Perfect' which tells Kennedy's story! I can't wait!.............
**Edited to add**  Release Day is here......You can click this link to take you to my Searching For Perfect review! 

For more information on the author and her novels, please make sure you visit her website:

Happy Reading.

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