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Friday, 14 February 2014

It's a Valentines Day Book Boyfriend Swap!

 Happy Valentines Day!!

Since it's the 'Most Romantic Day' of the year  also known as the 'Biggest, Cheesiest, Cash Grab' of the year.... (You choose which title you wanna to go with, personally I am PRO Valentines) I thought that it would be fun to be a bit silly and kick it up a notch by celebrating this fine day with our 'Book Boyfriends'
(Don't worry, it's not considered 'cheating' if he's make-believe...)

A book boyfriend can fall into whatever category you want:
A hero that you have a bit of a crush on.
A hero that you love to read about.
A hero that you wish was real.
A hero that you admire.

Some people (mainly our husbands, boyfriends etc...) can be annoyed by the term 'Book Boyfriend'.
Some people think us book nerds are a bit crazy getting so caught up in our books, let alone kinda crushing on a fictional character. (Non-readers are a crazy bunch, we don't need to listen to them!)
Others (like me) love cracking jokes about having one....(Innocent fun)
And than there are a small few that take it far to seriously (Yeah, I am talking to you people who actually fight over who-gets which imaginary dude....STOP THAT! It's almost as bad as teeny boppers fighting over which hunky celeb they'll end up marrying. The answer is none of them! Quit kissing your posters! #LifeLesson #ToughLove) 
I digress.....

Since it's Valentines Day, instead of telling you what romantic, sexy books I recommend, I am going to let YOU tell everyone who your book boyfriend is!

Let's trade info on our favorite fictional men!

I'll go first.

Honestly, I can't pick one. I guess you could say I am a bit 'naughty' when it comes to choosing book boyfriends, I have several! (The good news is I am monogamous in real life and that's all that matters)  Asking me to choose which handsome man of fiction I'm crazy about is like asking me what my favorite book is. Impossible....can't happen.Too many to choose from and too many good ones out there!
That said, I will point out some of my favourites in no particular order:

From Sexy Novels Based in Modern Times.......

1) Bennett Ryan from Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. ~If you've read this book you will know why...Seriously....WHO wouldn't want this guy? Not only is he smart, successful, loaded, and comes from a great family...but he's fiesty, fiery and has freshly fucked hair. Not to mention butting heads with him works as a turn on. Welllll alrighty than! Sounds like a perfect match to me! I could read books with him ALL day. (and I have...) I'm hoping eventually the authors continue on with the series and Lord only knows I can't wait for the movie!

2) Will Sumner from Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren ~ Yup, another character from authors Christina Lauren.... they know how to write them...(I could have added Max Stella from their book Beautiful Stranger to my list, but the whole photog-fetish thing isn't really my thing......) Though I hate running, I love how into fitness and health Will is and the whole former player, sexy smart guy thing.....Yum! He's also deep down a genuine good guy and his sense of humor cracks me up! His relationship with Hannah is adorable. Hmmmm, and as I write this...I realize I have yet to finish that particular blog review for you's coming and this is a preview of how good the book is. :)

And because a lady sometimes wants a lil Historical Romance......and a Title.....

3) Sidheah James Lyon Douglas (aka Hawk) from Beyond the Highland Mist (Karen Marie Moning)
It's actually been awhile since I have read this book, but he always stands out to me when I think of a sexy main character..... and even the Faery Queen agrees....(Yes I said 'Faery Queen' ....I'm not drunk when I write this) You're just gonna have to read the book to find out why....but taking on the mischievous, magical and sexy Adam Black....Hawt. If I was the leading lady in this novel, choosing to stay back in time with him is a no brainer.

4) Clayton Westmoreland from Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught.
 A Duke. A handsome English Duke who will do whatever it takes to get the girl he wants, even if she doesn't know him yet......SOLD! I could totally be a Duchess in the 1800's..... (Think they'll let me bring my hair dryer?) He has his ups and downs....a bit old fashioned (well, to us Modern Era Gal's anyway) but he is gallant, a bit romantic and what girl doesn't like to be chased?

So there you have four of my far......

Let's see who everyone else chose!

Megan: "Book boyfriend... Hmm.. well I'm going to have to go with Ethan from Hit List by Anita Blake. First because the fact he carries four strains of tiger shifter in him gives him incredibly cool hair and also because he's super sweet and a little broken. I have a thing for the sweet, broken tough guys. He's badass and has a body that makes even Anita sweat.. so I'd love to cuddle up with him and see if my inner tigeress could find a nice playmate. I just love Anita's books for their suspense, the characters and of course the steamy love scenes and relationships help as well."

 Shilo: "My book bf is from The Infernal Devices series (By Cassandra Clare). I want what Tess had, the best of both worlds... Will Herondale AND James Carstairs. What can I say? Together, they're perfect."
(She also goes on to tell me)
"These guys are Parabatai. Which means they are battle soul mates. They live for each other. There is even a ceremony to connect them. They both fall for Tess and she falls for both of them. It's quite the little love triangle. I loved the whole Shadowhunter series."
(I am intrigued!)

Erin: "I think I would have to go with Edward Cullen....(Twilight)... has too many temper tantrums to have a long term thing with and Gideon is way too controlling (although I would submit to both of them!! LOL) But boyfriend/husband material?? Edward always treated her as an equal and protected her with everything he had as did his family, especially once she turned! There was complete trust and respect between them. The road to trust with the other two would be a LONG one!"
Brenna: "Rhett Butler....Gone With The Wind" (Margaret Mitchell)

Miranda: "James Fraser from the Outlander series" (Diana Gabaldon)

Erin: "Currently Clayton Danvers from Bitten" (by Kelley Armstrong)

Sarah: "Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre" (Charlotte Bronte)

And I am going to end with the following choice(s) because like me.....this lady can't just choose one!!

Amanda: "Peeta Mallark (Hunger Games) Gideon Cross (Crossfire Series ~Sylvia Day) Christian Grey (50 Shades ~ E.L. James)"

So there you have it folks...... why not take some time this Valentines Day to snuggle up and read with your 'Book Boyfriend' or become acquainted with a new one from our list.

Now, I have a vacation to plan for. My hubby surprised me today with tickets for a romantic vacation to Cuba! Wonder which of your book boyfriends I'm gonna take with me...... ;)

A big shout out and THANK YOU to everyone who shared!! Want to be more interactive? LIKE my page on Facebook and join in!

Happy Reading!

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