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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Private Paradise ~ Jami Alden

Baby it's coooooold outside.

Don't get me wrong....I enjoy winter...I love the snow... Never mind hibernating...there is so much to do....snowshoe through the woods, go tobogganing, build snow sculptures (Mere snowmen are not enough!)....Hey, I even have fun shoveling!
Look! Proof I'm an Angel! Or Crazy. You decide.

 Alas not everyone does appreciate the cold, wintery weather like I do...That said, I certainly know when to throw in the towel when the temps outside reach -40 below! (GO AWAY Polar Vortex!!!!)
All that said, while I like winter, if you have followed my blog for awhile you know that I love to jet off to the Caribbean sun for a week to relax. Unfortunately sometimes (like this year) that isn't an option.

I am here in spirit!!

Whether you are escaping this frigid cold weather by vacationing to an island (TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!) or taking a time out in a hot bubble bath (DO NOT TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!)...... I recommend grabbing a copy of this sexy book to keep you company and help warm you up!

Book Description from

 After years of catering to the whims of the rich and famous at one of the Caribbean's most luxurious resorts, there isn't much that can rattle Carla DeLuca.
Until Sam O’Connell shows up.
Tall, dark, and sexy, Holley Cay's new security chief is no stranger. He's the irresistible bad boy who seduced her over a long, hot summer only to leave her heartbroken, humiliated, and determined to never again fall for a player like him. But though her heart still stings with the memory of his rejection, her body can't forget the all-consuming pleasure of his touch.

Sam never forgave himself for his too cruel rejection of Carla over a decade before. Young, reckless, and convinced it was only a matter of time Carla regretted hooking up with a trouble maker like him, Sam pushed Carla away before she could realize her mistake. But when Sam lands a job working for Carla in paradise, he seizes the chance to finally make things right.

When a hurricane strands them alone on the island, Carla is unable to resist the passion simmering between them. She doesn't fool herself that what they have will last past the storm. But little does she know, Sam will do whatever it takes to make her his – forever this time.

My Take:

I liked it! So much so that my standard complaints apply to this review. It wasn't long enough for me, could have used more detail, why did it have to end so soon?? I enjoyed the characters chemistry, however the novel at times felt rushed to me (Gah, I hate when that happens!) I found myself wanting 'more'....more story, a few more twists, turns, more details etc...just to keep these characters and novel going a bit longer.... That is not a negative thing at all. It just means I like "MOOOORE" (I totally just sang that word like the Madonna song on the Dick Tracy sound track...Google it...)

I think it is safe to say that my favorite type of love story involves two characters with a past connection.....I also give extra bonus points for the scenarios that involve some level of animosity... (I maintain there is something extra sexy about those scenarios....the fiery and passionate the better..just sayin'!)
Sam and Carla have this amazing chemistry and it's pretty obvious that after all the years, they are still hot for each other. This novel follows both their points of view, so we are treated to the good ol' His and Her version of what went down all that time ago. The full story eventually reveals itself through flashbacks. (....and I wanted to slap him for her)

I have already read this book twice and will do so again. I've added author Jami Alden to my 'authors to read' list. I really enjoyed her writing style and the sense of humor. It made for a fun, sexy read.

A link to Jami Alden's website for those curious about her work!

Contemporary Romance Lovers....or anyone interested in giving this novel a read. You are in luck! If you have a Kobo run to the site and grab yourself a copy while it's still being promoted for free.....and while you are there, pick up the rest of her novels too!
If you have a Kindle..don't feel left currently has it for free as well!

Dr. Reenie's Cure for the Cold Weather Blues:
A romantic-sexy book with a tropical setting.
Hot Coconut Scented Bubble Bath.
Glass of Wine...or if you really need to get away in your head, mix up a Mimosa or make a Pina Colada!

Keep Warm, Stay Safe
Happy Reading!!

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